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NEPSE surges 27.54 points, daily turnover rises to Rs 5.85 billion (rep 20/05/2024)

NEPSE gains 45.69 points on Sunday (kh 19/05/2024)

NEPSE surges 28.62 points, daily turnover rises to Rs 4.08 billion (rep 14/05/2024)

NEPSE surges 24.39 points, while daily turnover increases to Rs 3.40 billion (rep 13/05/2024)

EPSE lost 33.73 points, while investors lost Rs 52 billion from shares trading last week (kh 11/05/2024)

NEPSE plunges 15.62 points, while daily turnover falls to Rs 2.89 billion (rep 06/05/2024)

NEPSE plunges 24.58 points, daily turnover falls to Rs 3.79 billion (rep 05/05/2024)

NEPSE added 33.03 points, while investors gained Rs 52 billion from shares trading last week (rep 04/05/2024)

NEPSE loses 7.31 points, daily turnover slides down to Rs 4.13 billion (rep 02/05/2024)

NEPSE rises by 25.93 points, daily turnover surges to Rs 4.80 billion (rep 30/04/2024), Investment Summit impact on NEPSE, stock market rises by 25.93 points (kh 30/04/2024)

NEPSE rises by 14 points, transaction volume crosses 2.65 billion (kh 28/04/2024)

NEPSE lost 53.16 points, while investors lost Rs 85 billion from shares trading last week (rep 20/04/2024)

Decoding NEPSE’s surprise moves : We are comparing the current performance with its index during Covid-19, which is irrational, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (kp 19/04/2024)

NEPSE plunges below 2,000 points after one and a half months; daily turnover declines to Rs 2.10 billion (rep 16/04/2024)

NEPSE witnesses double digit decline on Monday (kh 15/04/2024)

NEPSE gained 21.25 points, while investors earned Rs 35 billion from shares trading last week (rep 13/04/2024)

NEPSE soars up by double-digit on Sunday (kh 07/04/2024)

Stock Exchanges and Global Partners rally to advance gender equality (rep 30/03/2024)

NEPSE witnesses double-digit decline on Wednesday (kh 27/03/2024)

NEPSE index sees double-digit increase on Tuesday (kh 26/03/2024)

NEPSE records double-digit decline on Monday (kh 25/03/2024)

NEPSE witnesses double-digit decline on Sunday (kh 17/03/2024)

NEPSE gained 50.32 points while investors gained Rs 79 billion from stocks trading last week (rep 16/03/2024)

NEPSE nosedives 27.84 points; daily turnover declines to Rs 3.94 billion (rep 14/03/2024)

NEPSE market index: Gains 58.58 points to reach 2111.24 points (kh 12/03/2024)

Large investors boost share mortgage loans by 11.6 percent in 7 months (rep 11/03/2024)

NEPSE witnesses double-digit growth on Sunday, trading volume nears Rs 3 billion (rep 10/03/2024), NEPSE soars 22.10 points; daily turnover declines to Rs 2.92 billion (rep 10/03/2024)

NEPSE escalated 58.46 points while investors gained Rs 92 billion from stocks trading last week (rep 09/03/2024)

NEPSE records double-digit surge as new Finance Minister takes office (kh 07/03/2024), NEPSE surges 13.51 points; daily turnover falls to Rs 3.19 billion (rep 07/03/2024)

NEPSE experiences significant drop of over 70 points on Tuesday (kh 05/03/2024)

NEPSE experiences circuit surge, surpassing 2078 points on Monday (kh 04/03/2024), 230 companies gain in their share prices in Monday’s boost in secondary market (rep 04/03/2024)

NEPSE loses 11.78 points; daily turnover declines to Rs 2.082 billion (rep 03/03/2024)

NEPSE declined 33.74 points while investors lost Rs 54 billion from stocks trading last week (rep 02/03/2024)

NEPSE witnesses a decline of 28 points today (kh 29/02/2024)

NEPSE index records double-digit growth on Monday (kh 26/02/2024)

NEPSE witnesses double-digit decline on Sunday (kh 25/02/2024)

NEPSE plunged 56.20 points while investors lost Rs 88 billion from stocks trading last week (rep 24/02/2024)

An additional over 101 million units of new stocks listed in the secondary market last month (rep 24/02/2024)

NEPSE drops 20.76 points to 2005.83 on weekly closing (kh 22/02/2024)

Four commercial banks in Nepse’s ‘Z’ group (ae 20/02/2024)

NEPSE witnesses 27.31-point decline on Sunday (kh 18/02/2024)

Bulls In Nepal: Triggering Aspects, by Dwaipayan Regmi (rn 17/02/2024)

34 companies waiting for SEBON’s approval to issue their primary shares of more than Rs 27.52 billion (rep 17/02/2024)

NEPSE declined 34.29 points, while investors lost Rs 54 billion from shares transactions last week (rep 17/02/2024)

NEPSE index plummets by double digits, closing at 2062.03 points (kh 15/02/2024)

NEPSE declines by over 30 points (kh 13/02/2024), NEPSE responds negatively to NRB revised monetary policy; market index plunges 30.56 points (rep 13/02/2024)

NEPSE witnesses double digit growth on Monday (kh 12/02/2024)

NEPSE loses 10.50 points, while daily turnover escalates to Rs 4.08 billion (rep 11/02/2024)

NEPSE added 29.31 points, while investors gained Rs 47 billion from shares’ trading last week (rep 10/02/2024)

NEPSE adds 14.57 points; daily turnover slides further to Rs 2.43 billion (rep 05/02/2024)

NEPSE declined 17.08 points, while investors lost Rs 25 billion from shares’ trading last week (rep 03/02/2024)

NEPSE nosedives 30.92 points; daily turnover further declines to Rs 4.18 billion (rep 01/02/2024)

NEPSE records a decline of 21.67 points on Wednesday (kh 31/01/2024)

NEPSE witnesses impressive double-digit growth (kh 29/01/2024)

Govt forms committee to study need for new stock exchange (rep 24/01/2024)

Bank loss impact on stock market: NEPSE drops by 25 points (kh 21/01/2024)

Investors gained Rs 105 billion from shares’ trading, while the NEPSE surged 66.83 points last week (rep 20/01/2024)

NEPSE experiences correction, closes at 2163.06 points on Wednesday (kh 17/01/2024)

NEPSE records a gains of over 54 points, trading volume exceeds 8 billion (kh 16/01/2024)

NEPSE surges above 2100 points, hydropower witnesses boom (kh 14/01/2024)

NEPSE continues upward trend on Wednesday (kh 10/01/2024), NEPSE inclines 9.50 points; daily turnover declines to Rs 5.134 billion (rep 10/01/2024)

NEPSE system to remain closed for three days for maintenance (kh 10/01/2024)

NEPSE surges by 20.62 points; closes at 2080.12 on Tuesday (kh 09/01/2024)

NEPSE gains 36.57 points; daily turnover declines to Rs 4.675 billion (rep 08/01/2024)

NEPSE nosedives 26.36 points; daily turnover slightly declines to Rs 5.241 billion (rep 07/01/2024)

NEPSE declined 19.62 points; investors lost Rs 30 billion from shares transaction last week (rep 06/01/2024)

NEPSE index records double digit surge in Wednesday’s trading (kh 03/01/2024)

NEPSE index drops by 30.05 points on Tuesday (kh 02/01/2024)

NEPSE index drops by 8.75 points on Monday (kh 01/01/2024)

NEPSE slid 40.2 points; shares investors lost Rs 52 billion last week (rep 30/12/2023)

NEPSE witnesses a double-digit decline on Wednesday (kh 27/12/2023), NEPSE falls 17.23 points; daily turnover declines to Rs 5.248 billion (rep 27/12/2023)

Stock market witnesses 21-point decline on first trading day of the week (kh 24/102/2023)

NEPSE surged 114.50 points; investors gained Rs 190 billion from shares transactions last week (rep 23/12/2023)

Stock Market: Turnover surpasses Rs 6 billion despite a 32-point decrease (kh 21/12/2023)

NEPSE surpasses 2100 mark with record-breaking 7 billion turnover (kh 20/12/2023), NEPSE adds 35.39 points; daily turnover hits one-year high of Rs 7 billion (rep 20/12/2023)

NEPSE witnesses surge again (kh 19/12/2023)

NEPSE index soars by 38.14 points (kh 18/12/2023)

NEPSE records double digit surge on Sunday (kh 17/12/2023), NEPSE adds 27.75 points to cross 2,000 points ceiling; daily turnover jumps to Rs 5.157 billion (rep 17/12/2023)

NEPSE surges 141.83 points; investors gained Rs 219 billion from shares transactions last week (rep 16/12/2023)

NEPSE index shows general improvement on Wednesday (kh 13/12/2023)

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Surges by 36.68 Points (kh 12/12/2023)

Share market whirlwind: Turnover exceeds Rs 2 billion in one hour as stocks swing dramatically (kh 11/12/2023)

NEPSE loses 15.40 points; daily turnover jumps to Rs 4.842 billion on Monday (rep 11/12/2023)

NEPSE experiences volatile day with 6 percent surge and trading suspension (kh 10/12/2023)

SEBON to take action against those influencing stock market through Clubhouse and Facebook (rep 10/12/2023)

NEPSE shed 5.76 points, while investors lost Rs 9 billion from shares trading last week (rep 09/12/2023)

NEPSE wraps up today’s trading session with a substantial double-digit surge (kh 07/12/2023)

Patan High Court issues interim order halting sale of Ncell shares (kh 07/12/2023)

NEPSE declines by double digits on Tuesday (kh 05/12/2023)

NEPSE records further decline on Monday (kh 04/12/2023)

Fear driving post-bubble NEPSE : If the economy does well, and the intrinsic value of companies rises, stocks will follow, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 01/12/2023)

NEPSE shrinks 17.93 points while daily turnover declines to Rs 1.014 billion (rep 29/11/2023)

NEPSE records double digit decline on Monday (kh 27/11/2023)

NEPSE adds 47.75 points while daily turnover surges to over Rs 2 billion on Sunday (rep 26/11/2023)

NEPSE added 8.12 points; investors gained Rs 15 billion from share transaction last week (rep 25/11/2023)

Nepal initiates book building for share sales from Wednesday (kh 22/11/2023)

NEPSE soars 20.67 points on Wednesday (kh 22/11/2023)

NEPSE declines by 24 points on Tuesday (kh 21/11/2023)

NEPSE listed new stocks worth Rs 35.77 billion during mid-July and mid-October (rep 16/11/2023)

Finance Committee asks authority concerned to proceed with licensing process for controversial new stock exchanges (rep 12/11/2023)

NEPSE adds 11.22 points, while daily turnover inclines up to Rs 996.58 million (rep 07/11/2023)

NEPSE loses 21.46 points, daily turnover inches up to Rs 972.36 million (rep 05/11/2023)

NEPSE plunges 10.86 points, while daily turnover increases marginally to Rs 964.47 million on Thursday (rep 02/11/2023)

NEPSE plunges 28.18 points, while daily turnover falls to mere Rs 742.92 million on Sunday (rep 29/10/2023)

NEPSE shed 232.47 points while investors lost around Rs 10 billion from share transaction in Q1 of current FY (rep 28/10/2023)

CGT on share transactions plummet amid market downturn (ae 19/10/2023)

NEPSE escalates 43.27 points; daily turnover declines to Rs 934.89 million on Wednesday (rep 18/10/2023)

NEPSE declines by 23 points on Monday (kh 16/10/2023)

NEPSE plunges below 1,900 points; daily turnover increases marginally to Rs 1.283 billion on Tuesday (rep 10/10/2023)

NEPSE dips 35.67 points; daily turnover increases to Rs 1.801 billion on Sunday (rep 08/10/2023)

NEPSE slid 47.38 points down, while investors lost Rs 55 billion from share transaction last week (rep 07/10/2023)

NEPSE drops 17.56 points; daily turnover falls to Rs 1.199 billion (rep 03/10/2023)

NRB’s autonomy in question : It is not the job of regulators such as the central bank to wish for higher stock prices, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 02/10/2023)

NEPSE declines by 33 points, climbs down below 2000 points (kh 01/10/2023)

NEPSE slumped with 25.48 points, while investors lost Rs 21 billion from stock trading last week (rep 30/09/2023)

NEPSE drops 19.42 points, while daily turnover falls to Rs 2.326 billion on Sunday (rep 24/09/2023)

NEPSE jumped 22.72 points, while investors gained Rs 55 billion from stock trading last week (rep 23/09/2023)

NEPSE gains notable 44.34 points, while daily turnover soars three-folds to Rs 3.293 billion on Thursday (rep 21/09/2023), Anticipating NRB’s move, NEPSE surged by 44 points (ae 22/09/2023)

NEPSE bounces back 16.24 points, daily turnover rises to Rs 1.176 billion on Tuesday (rep 19/09/2023)

NEPSE nosedives 42.14 points, daily turnover rises to Rs 2.028 billion (rep 17/09/2023)

NEPSE added 74.61 points, while investors gained Rs 112 billion from stocks trading last week (rep 16/09/2023)

Stock Investor Alert Detecting Unethical Practices Of Companies, by Binod Ghimire (rn 14/09/2023)

Deck cleared for the launch of the ‘Nepse 30’ Index operation (ae 13/09/2023)

NEPSE plunges 19.42 points, while daily turnover drops to Rs 1.135 billion (rep 12/09/2023)

NEPSE escalates 44.30 points, daily turnover increases to Rs 1.518 billion on Monday (rep 11/09/2023)

NEPSE gains 10.23 points; daily turnover drops to Rs 1.072 billion on Sunday (rep 10/09/2023)

NEPSE plans to launch ‘NEPSE 30’ index within a month (ae 08/09/2023)

11 more companies get shares trading license (kh 07/09/2023)

NEPSE falls 28.92 points, daily turnover inclines to Rs 1.15 billion on Thursday (rep 07/09/2023)

NEPSE plunges 29.81 points, daily turnover increases to Rs 1.18 billion on Sunday (rep 03/09/2023)

NEPSE plunged 23.34 points, while investors lost Rs 35 billion from shares transaction last week (rep 02/09/2023)

NEPSE index sheds 0.94pc (ht 27/08/2023), NEPSE nosedives 20.54 points, daily turnover falls to Rs 1.262 billion on Sunday (rep 27/08/2023)

NEPSE nosedives 31.80 points, daily turnover increases marginally to Rs 2.157 billion on Tuesday (rep 15/08/2023)

NEPSE inches up 5.13 points, daily turnover rises to Rs 2.156 billion on Thursday (rep 10/08/2023)

Bear market bites share trading income of banks in last fiscal (ae 10/08/2023)

NEPSE escalates 41.06 points, daily turnover inches up to Rs 1.888 billion on Wednesday (rep 09/08/2023)

NEPSE nosedives 28.40 points, while daily turnover drops to Rs 1.737 billion on Tuesday (rep 08/08/2023)

NEPSE nosedives 38.37 points; daily turnover increases to Rs 2.687 billion on Sunday (rep 06/08/2023)

NEPSE fell 36.64 points while investors lost Rs 53 billion from stock exchange last week (rep 05/08/2023), NEPSE retreats below 2,100-point threshold (ht 06/08/2023)

Monetary policy 2023/024: Relief To Share Market, by Keshab Poudel (sp 09/08/2023)

Government’s income from share trading dips by 71.3 percent (ae 02/08/2023)

NEPSE nosedives 28.59 points, daily turnover inches up to Rs 1.924 billion on Tuesday (rep 01/08/2023)

NEPSE plunges 26.14 points, daily turnover stands at Rs 2.502 billion on Sunday (rep 30/07/2023)

NEPSE fell 37.44 points while investors lost Rs 55 billion from stock exchange last week (rep 29/07/2023)

NEPSE plunges 29.71 points, daily turnover slides marginally to Rs 2.425 billion on Thursday (rep 27/07/2023)

NEPSE plunges 39.26 points, daily turnover inclines to Rs 3.073 billion (rep 05/07/2023)

NEPSE surges by 12. 73 points on Tuesday (ae 04/07/2023)

NEPSE declines 21.32 points, daily turnover plunges to Rs 4.051 billion on Monday (rep 03/07/2023)

NEPSE takes a nosedive of 53.70 points, daily turnover falls to Rs 5.081 billion on Sunday (rep 02/07/2023)

Benchmark index resurfaces above 2,100-point threshold (ht 02/07/2023)

NEPSE added 95.46 points, while investors gained Rs 140 billion from the share market last week (rep 01/07/2023)

NEPSE plunges by 35. 37 points on Wednesday (ae 28/06/2023)

NEPSE surges 56.94 points; daily turnover rises to Rs 5.476 billion on Tuesday (rep 27/06/2023)

NEPSE increases by 11.69 points on Monday (kh 26/06/2023)

NEPSE rises by 62.21 points on Sunday, with turnover above Rs 6 billion (kh 25/06/2023)

NEPSE plunges by 26. 56 points on Tuesday (ae 20/06/2023)

NEPSE increases by 56.26 points on Sunday (kh 18/06/2023)

NEPSE gained 102.46 points; investors earned Rs 155 billion from shares transaction last week (rep 17/06/2023), NEPSE index rebounds to over three-month high (ht 18/06/2023)

NEPSE increases by 16.42 points Wednesday (kh 14/06/2023)

NEPSE index closes at a 3-month high, crosses 2,020 points mark : The market recorded Rs4.126 billion in transactions (kp 14/06/2023)

NEPSE rises by 34 points on Tuesday (kh 13/06/2023)

NEPSE increases by 7.79 points on Monday (kh 12/06/2023)

NEPSE inches up 4.68 points; daily turnover posts Rs 2.36 billion on Wednesday (rep 07/06/2023)

NEPSE increases by 25.66 points on Tuesday (kh 06/06/2023)

NEPSE declines by 17 points, turnover of around Rs two billion (kh 05/06/2023)

NEPSE nosedived 92.78 points, while investors lost Rs 134 billion in shares transaction last week (rep 03/06/2023), NEPSE index loses previous week's gain (ht 04/06/2023)

NEPSE gains 16.54 points to close at 1,866.34 points, daily turnover declines to Rs 1.654 billion on Thursday (rep 01/06/2023)

NEPSE plunges by 38. 83 points on Wednesday (ae 31/05/2023)

NEPSE resurfaces above 1,900-point threshold (ht 28/05/2023)

NEPSE rises by 16.49 points on Wednesday (kh 24/05/2023)

Sebon grants stock brokerage licenses to seven firms (ae 24/05/2023)

NEPSE surges by 51.31 points on Tuesday (ae 23/05/2023)

NEPSE surges by 8. 10 points on Monday (ae 22/05/2023)

NRB sells 69.77 percent of its shares in NEPSE to RBB (rep 22/05/2023)

NEPSE added 38.73 points, while investors gained Rs 56 billion from shares transactions last week (rep 20/05/2023)

NEPSE surges by 32. 30 points on Thursday (ae 18/05/2023)

NEPSE witnesses long-awaited double-digit growth on Wednesday (kh 17/05/2023), NEPSE surges by 23. 39 points on Wednesday (ae 17/05/2023)

NEPSE advances process to bring strategic investor (ae 16/05/2023)

Suspicion of financial irregularities in new broker license, SBAN demands investigation (rep 14/05/2023)

)Govt stalls license distribution process of the new stock exchange (kh 12/05/2023)

NEPSE surges by 10. 66 points on Tuesday (aae 09/05/2023)

NEPSE plunges by 16. 93 points on Monday (ae 08/05/2023)

NEPSE drops 19.12 points, while daily turnover records around half a billion rupees on Sunday (rep 07/05/2023)

NEPSE declines 9.18 points, while daily turnover falls close to half a billion rupees (rep 03/05/2023)

Banks step into stock broking business after Sebon clears the way (ae 03/05/2023)

Bear market bites share trading income of banks (ae 30/04/2023), NEPSE plunges by 19. 10 points on Sunday (ae 30/04/2023)

NEPSE loses 13.68 points, daily turnover drops to Rs 847.02 million (rep 26/04/2023)

NEPSE adds 17.36 points, daily turnover below Rs 1 billion on Tuesday (rep 25/04/2023)

New stock exchange is the need of the hour, interview with Ramesh Kumar Hamal, Chairman of Sebon (ae 24/04/2023)

NEPSE declines by 18.8 points  on Sunday (kh 23/04/2023)

NEPSE plunges by 15. 73 points on Thursday (ae 20/04/2023)

NEPSE posts 15.13 points gain after falling for three consecutive days, daily turnover below Rs 1 billion (rep 19/04/2023)

NEPSE bids farewell to 2079 BS with a fall of 29.07 points, daily turnover drops to Rs 1.65 billion (rep 13/04/2023)

NEPSE soars 92.22 points, daily turnover rises close to Rs 2 billion on Wednesday (rep 12/04/2023)

Nepal to get second stock exchange entity, additional stockbrokers and a commodity exchange as SC nods positively over the issues (rep 10/04/2023), Sebon gears up for new stock and commodity exchanges again (ae 11/04/2023)

NEPSE declines by double digit on Sunday, turnover exceeds Rs one billion (kh 09/04/2023)

NEPSE fell 41.76 points, while share investors lost Rs 60 billion last week (kp 08/04/2023), NEPSE retreats below 1,900-point threshold (ht 09/04/2023)

Sebon again gears up for IPO of companies through book building (ae 05/04/2023)

NEPSE declines by 16.67 points on Monday (kh 03/04/2023)

Stock market flags red to new finance minister (ae 03/04/2023)

NEPSE declines by 20 points on Sunday (kh 02/04/2023)

NEPSE increases by 18 points on Monday (kh 27/03/2023)

NEPSE declines by 26.87 points, transaction amount shrinks to Rs 1.28 billion (kh 26/03/2023)

NEPSE plunged 69.39 points, while shares investors lost Rs 108 billion last week (rep 18/03/2023)

Investors protesting in front of NEPSE building arrested (kh 17/03/2023)

Investors protesting in front of NEPSE building arrested (17/03/2023(

NEPSE decreases by 14.44 points today (kh 15/03/2023)

NEPSE surges 50.04 points, daily turnover inches up to Rs 1.56 billion on Thursday (rep 09/03/2023)

NEPSE retreats below 2,000-point threshold (ht 05/03/2023)

NEPSE plunges by 26. 47 points on Thursday (ae 02/03/2023)

NEPSE rises 33.57 points, but daily turnover falls to Rs 1.80 billion on Wednesday (rep 22/02/2023)

NEPSE plunges 5.14 per cent to retreat below 2,100 points (ht 19/02/2023)

NEPSE lost 112.22 points; investors lost Rs 162 billion last week (rep 18/02/2023)

NEPSE decreases by 13.90 points, transactions worth Rs 1.73 billion (kh 15/02/2023)

NEPSE falls 16.40 points, daily turnover slides to Rs 1.78 billion  (rep 14/02/2023)

NEPSE gains 12.45 points, but daily turnover falls to Rs 2.062 billion on Thursday (rep 09/02/2023)

NEPSE slides 7.16 points, daily turnover increases to Rs 3.691 billion on Wednesday (kh 08/02/2023)

Political uncertainty weighs on NEPSE (ht 05/02/2023)

NEPSE plunges 22.12 points; daily turnover hits Rs 2 billion on Thursday (rep 02/02/2023)

NEPSE increases nominally on Wednesday, turnover shrinks to Rs 1.76 billion (kh 01/02/2023), NEPSE inches up 4.97 points, while daily turnover amount dips to Rs 1.76 billion on Wednesday (rep 01/02/2023)

NEPSE witnesses double-digit decline on Tuesday : Turnover shrinks to Rs 2.82 billion (kh 31/01/2023), NEPSE falls 15.70 points, while daily turnover declines to Rs 2.82 billion on Tuesday (rep 31/01/2023)

NEPSE declines by 41 points on Monday, turnover close to 3.5 billion (kh 30/01/2023)

NEPSE declines by 14.68 points Sunday : Transaction above Rs 3 billion (kh 29/01/2023)

Share market's gain limited as long-term investors stay away (ht 29/01/2023)

NEPSE increased marginally by 4.40 points, while share investors gained Rs 5 billion last week (rep 28/01/2023)

NEPSE gains 10.37 points, while the daily turnover increases to Rs 3.46 billion on Wednesday (rep 25/01/2023)

NEPSE plunges 13.71 points, daily turnover rises to Rs 3.864 billion on Monday (rep 23/01/2023)

NEPSE falls marginally by 9.01 points, daily turnover hits Rs 4.92 billion on Wednesday (rep 18/01/2023)

NEPSE gains 32.72 points while daily turnover recorded at Rs 3.72 billion on Tuesday (rep 17/01/2023)

PSE index rises for third consecutive week (ht 15/01/2023)

'Stock market yet to see a bullish trend', by Sangay Sherpa (ht 11/01/2023)

NEPSE hits seven-month high (ae 10/01/2023), NEPSE plunges by 21.34 points on Tuesday (ae 10/01/2023), NEPSE dives as Dahal scores rousing win in floor test : The stock market index plunged by 21.34 points on Tuesday, astounding market watchers, by Sangam Prasain and Krishana Prasain (kp 11/01/2023)

NEPSE surges 20.55 points while daily turnover hits Rs 5.45 billion on Sunday (rep 09/01/2023)

NEPSE jumped 114.90 points to cross 2,100 points, while investors gained Rs 167 billion last week (rep 08/01/2023)

'Additional steps needed to secure steady growth of stock market' (ht 08/01/2023)

NEPSE daily turnover hits 11-month high (ae 06/01/2023)

NEPSE increases by 17.24 points amid ups and downs, turnover above 4 billion (kh 01/01/2023)

NEPSE index clocks solid gain to resurface above 2,000-point threshold (ht 01/01/2023)

NEPSE jumped 161.82 points to cross 2,000 points, while investors gained Rs 234 billion last week (rep 31/12/2022)

NEPSE crosses 2000 mark for the first time in four months (ae 30/12/2022)

NEPSE jumps 56.88 points up to cross 2,000 points on Thursday (rep 29/12/2022)

NEPSE welcomes new government-- index hits a 60 point gain while daily turnover posts a five-month high at Rs 3.88 billion on Tuesday (rep 27/12/2022)

NEPSE goes bullish with the formation of new govt (kh 26/12/2022), NEPSE leaps 56.88 points up, while daily turnover crosses Rs 2 billion on Monday (rep 26/12/2022)

Multiple factors weigh on NEPSE (ht 25/12/2022)

NEPSE index plunged 15.29 points and shares investors lost Rs 21 billion last week (rep 24/12/2022)

Share price of 25 companies below Rs 200 (ae 23/12/2022)

NEPSE falls by 27.54 points on Sunday (kh 18/12/2022)

NEPSE index plunged 34.68 points and shares investors lost Rs 40 billion last week (rep 17/12/2022), NEPSE retreats below 1,900-point threshold (ht 18/12/2022)

NEPSE rises 16.96 points while daily turnover hits Rs 1.366 billion on Monday (rep 12/12/2022)

Persistent liquidity crisis dents share market recovery (ht 11/12/2022)

The stock market fell by 5 points, the transaction amount shrinks below 1 billion (kh 06/12/2022)

NEPSE plunges 24.46 points; daily turnover hits Rs 1.67 billion on Monday (rep 05/12/2022)

NEPSE bounced back with double digit gains of 27.51 points; shares investors gained Rs 39.58 billion last week (rep 03/12/2022)

NEPSE gains 11.22 points, while daily turnover crosses Rs 1.32 billion on Thursday  (rep 01/12/2022)

NEPSE declines 15.61 points, daily turnover slips to Rs 1.49 billion on Monday (rep 28/11/2022)

Number of companies listed at NEPSE reaches 242 in mid-October (kh 27/11/2022)

Persistent liquidity crunch affects share market growth (ht 27/11/2022)

NEPSE adds up 11.56 points, daily turnover falls to Rs 925.17 million on Thursday (rep 24/11/2022)

NEPSE gains 25.57 points to close at 1,936.83 on Thursday (kh 17/11/2022)

NEPSE gains 13.40 points, daily turnover stands below Rs 1 billion on Wednesday (rep 16/11/2022)

NEPSE loses 6.59 points to close at 1,897.86 on Tuesday (kh 15/11/2022)

NEPSE loses 10.54 points to close at 1,883.16 on Sunday (kh 13/11/2022)

NEPSE declined 28.46 points while shares investors lost Rs 41 billion last week (rep 12/11/2022)

SEBON issues guidelines for proper management of mergers, acquisitions (ht 11/11/2022)

NEPSE loses 23.52 points to close at 1,893.70 on Thursday (kh 10/11/2022)

SEBON ends indefinite trade suspension of merger opting companies (kh 10/11/2022)

NEPSE declines by 39.15 points on Wednesday (kh 09/11/2022)

NEPSE loses 2.57 points to close at 1,956.36 on Tuesday (kh 08/11/2022)

NEPSE drops marginally by 6.43 points, daily turnover rises to Rs 2.10 billion on Monday (rep 07/11/2022)

Share market witnesses gradual recovery (ht 06/11/2022), NEPSE goes green again, increases by 43.20 points on Sunday (kh 06/11/2022)

NEPSE bounced back with a gain of 63.67 points, investors gained Rs 91 billion last week (rep 05/11/2022)

NEPSE loses 16.14 points to close at 1,922.16 points on Thursday (kh 03/11/2022)

NEPSE increases by 7.32 points on Wednesday (kh 02/11/2022)

NEPSE gains 56.10 points, records daily turnover of Rs 1.29 billion on Tuesday (rep 01/11/2022)

NEPSE gains 16.39 points to close at 1,874.87 on Monday (kh 31/10/2022)

Trishuli Hydropower Company receives 78,000 applications from shareholders to award them remaining amount of shares; Nov 3 last day to submit application (rep 23/10/2022)

Multiple factors weigh on share market (ht 23/10/2022)

NEPSE gains 14.35 points to close at 1,858.49 on Sunday (kh 23/10/2022)

NEPSE lost 26.49 points, investors lost Rs 36 billion last week (rep 22/10/2022)

Cracking Nepal’s new stock exchange dilemma : Does every trader and entrepreneur not deserve the dynamic and vibrant capital market with swift operations and provisions of proper hedging mechanisms?, by Nabin Kafle (nlt 18/10/2022)

NEPSE slides down marginally by 2.61 points, daily turnover stands at just half a billion rupees on Monday (rep 17/10/2022)

Liquidity crunch affecting share market growth (ht 16/10/2022)

NEPSE gained 16.87 points as daily turnover was limited to meagre Rs 775.8 million last week (rep 15/10/2022)

NEPSE gains 11.32 points, but daily turnover fails to rise on Wednesday (rep 12/10/2022)

NEPSE loses 16.06 points to close at 1,855.16 on Tuesday (kh 11/10/2022)

NEPSE loses 27.16 points, daily turnover rises to Rs 971.76 million on Monday (rep 10/10/2022)

NEPSE rises by 44.62 points on Sunday (kh 09/10/2022)

NEPSE snaps five-week losing streak (ht 02/10/2022)

NEPSE rises 16.29 points to close at 1,853.76 on Thursday (kh 29/09/2022)

NEPSE rises 15.92 points to close at 1,831.05 on Tuesday (kh 27/09/2022)

NEPSE plunges 23.83 points, daily turnover rises to Rs 1.07 billion on Sunday (rep 25/09/2022)

NEPSE index retreats below 1,840-point threshold  (ht 25/09/2022)

NEPSE gains 11.19 points while daily turnover plunges to Rs 721.25 million (rep 21/09/2022)

NEPSE plunged 27.36 points, while investors lost 35 billion in share transaction last week (rep 17/09/2022)

NEPSE loses 14.1 points to close near 1,900 points on Friday (rep 16/09/2022)

NEPSE rises by 47.44 points Wednesday (kh 14/09/2022)

NEPSE gains 21.30 points to close at 1,934.04 on Tuesday (kh 13/09/2022)

NEPSE loses 13.54 points to settle at 1,912.74 on Monday (kh 12/09/2022)

NEPSE loses 11.46 points while daily turnover stands at just Rs 747.22 million on Sunday (rep 11/09/2022)

NEPSE lost 32.88 points, while investors suffered a loss of Rs 47 billion in shares transaction last week (rep 10/09/2022)

NEPSE loses 11.97 points while daily turnover drops below Rs 1 billion on Wednesday (rep 07/09/2022)

NEPSE loses 21.16 points and records turnover of Rs 1.19 billion on Tuesday (rep 06/09/2022)

NEPSE falls around 22 points on Wednesday (rep 31/08/2022)

NEPSE sheds 33.36 points to close at 1,989.26 on Sunday (kh 28/08/2022)

NEPSE drops with 45.64 points while investors lose Rs 65 billion last week (rep 27/08/2022)

NEPSE loses 18.29 points to close at 2,039.55 on Thursday (kh 25/08/2022)

NEPSE declines by 7.24 points on Monday (kh 22/08/2022)

SEBON approval delays hit aspiring venture capitalists, by Sangay Sherpa (ht 22/08/2022)

NEPSE loses 7.72 points to close at 2,060.55 points on Sunday (kh 21/08/2022)

NEPSE gained 30.34 points while investors earned Rs 53.94 billion last week (rep 20/08/2022), NEPSE index gains 1.49pc (ht 21/08/2022)

NEPSE gains 27.56 points, daily turnover improves to Rs 2.05 billion on Thursday (rep 18/08/2022)

NEPSE loses 24.83 points on Tuesday (rep 16/08/2022)

NEPSE gains 55.88 points on Monday, turnover amount hits Rs 2.43 billion (rep 15/08/2022)

NEPSE slid 75.63 points last week; average daily turnover plunged to Rs 2.40 billion from Rs 3.83 billion (rep 13/08/2022)

NEPSE loses 5.91 points, daily turnover drops below Rs 2 billion on Wednesday (rep 10/08/2022)

NEPSE loses 43.35 points on Tuesday (rep 09/08/2022)

NEPSE loses 17.68 points on Monday (kh 08/08/2022)

NEPSE gains 10.27 points, daily turnover declines to Rs 2.67 billion (rep 07/08/2022)

NEPSE index loses 26.97 points (ht 06/08/2022)

NEPSE loses 38.61 points on Thursday (rep 04/08/2022)

NEPSE loses 6.72 points, turnover amount Rs 4.02 billion on Wednesday (rep 03/08/2022)

NEPSE gains 54.58 points on Sunday (kh 31/07/2022)

NEPSE bounced back with added 123.06 points last week (rep 30/07/2022), Share market reacts positively to Monetary Policy 2022-23 (ht 31/07/2022)

SEBON at work to ensure 10 percent share reservation for Nepali migrant workers (kh 29/07/2022)

NEPSE witnesses double-digit ‘comeback’, rises by 23.83 points Wednesday (kh 27/07/2022)

NEPSE sheds 44.80 points on Tuesday (kh 26/07/2022)

NEPSE surges 54.45 points on Monday, second consecutive day gain after NRB issued monetary policy (rep 25/07/2022)

NEPSE gains 61.05 points after monetary policy released (kh 24/07/2022)

NEPSE falls by 5.87 points after rising consecutively for past eight days (kh 21/07/2022)

NEPSE inches up 4.89 points on Wednesday (rep 20/07/2022)

A tumultuous year for NEPSE draws to a close (ht 16/07/2022)

NEPSE goes up by nominal 14.71 points on Thursday (kh 14/07/2022)

NEPSE rises by 59.54 points, Wednesday witnesses turnover of Rs 2.4 billion (kh 13/07/2022)

NEPSE gains 11.68 points on Tuesday (kh 12/07/2022)

NEPSE sheds 77.01 points on Monday (kh 11/07/2022)

NEPSE fell 36.15 points while investors lost Rs 51 billion last week (rep 09/07/2022)

NEPSE declines by 34.71 points Friday (kh 08/07/2022)

NEPSE loses 16.60 points to close at 2,027.32 on Thursday (kh 07/07/2022)

NEPSE witnesses double-digit growth despite fluctuations (kh 06/07/2022), NEPSE inches up 13.33 points on Wednesday (rep 06/07/2022)

NEPSE declines by 46.08 points Tuesday (kh 05/07/2022)

NEPSE loses 9.75 points on Monday, registers highest turnover since March (kh 04/07/2022)

NEPSE surges nearly nine per cent (ht 03/07/2022)

Market recovery accelerates as positive cues boost sentiment (ht 01/07/2022)

Adding to yesterday’s momentum, NEPSE rises by 74.93 points on Thursday (kh 30/06/2022)

NEPSE rises by 41 points Wednesday (kh 29/06/2022)

NEPSE downtrend continues on Tuesday : Stock market declines by 11.82 points (kh 28/06/2022)

Stock market goes green Sunday, rises by 95 points (kh 26/06/2022)

NEPSE increases by double digits Friday (kh 24/06/2022)

NEPSE nosedives 45.25 points on Thursday (rep 23/06/2022)

NEPSE increases by double digits Tuesday (kh 21/06/2022)

NEPSE declines by 49.31 points, drops to 1884 points Monday (kh 20/06/2022), NEPSE drops around 50 points to close below 1,900 points, an 18 months low mark (rep 20/06/2022)

NEPSE at 18-month low (ht 19/06/2022)

NEPSE plunged 76.78 points last week, investors suffered a loss Rs 107 billion (rep 18/06/2022)

The NEPSE index drops by 29.89 points Wednesday (kh 15/06/2022), NEPSE plunges 29.89 points to close at 1,966.37 points (rep 15/06/2022)

NEPSE declines by 36.07 points Tuesday (kh 14/06/2022), NEPSE suffers landslide fall of 36.08 points to close below 2,000 points (rep 14/06/2022)

NEPSE to open six days a week, to operate two hours on Fridays (kh 13/06/2022)

Profit-booking dents share market recovery (ht 12/06/2022)

NEPSE declined by 30.55 points last week, average daily turnover stood Rs 1.31 billion (rep 11/06/2022)

NEPSE increases by 60.22 points Wednesday (kh 08/06/2022), NEPSE escalates 60.22 points on Wednesday, backed by FinMin’s step to address existing problems of shares market (rep 08/06/2022)

NEPSE loses 45.59 points to close at 2,020.23 points on Tuesday (rep 07/06/2022)

NEPSE falls 12.89 points to close at 2,065 points on Monday (rep 06/06/2022)

NEPSE index plunges 6.5pc as budget fails to impress investors (ht 05/06/2022)

NEPSE declines 35.53 points on Tuesday, marks the second consecutive day fall (rep 31/05/2022)

NEPSE welcomes new budget with a negative note; index plunges by a whopping 50.33 points, closing below 2,200 points (rep 30/05/2022)

NEPSE dropped 11.31 points while investors lost a total of Rs 13 billion last week (rep 28/05/2022)

NEPSE declines by double digits (kh 27/05/2022)

NEPSE increases by 14.37 points Wednesday (kh 25/05/2022)

NEPSE gains 16.32 points backed by buying spree of investors on Tuesday (rep 24/05/2022)

NEPSE drops 34.21 points to close at the border of 2,200 points on Monday (rep 23/05/2022)

Benchmark index witnesses correction (ht 22/05/2022)

NEPSE declines by 84.90 points on first trading day after local polls (kh 17/05/2022), NEPSE suffers landslide fall of 84.9 points on Tuesday (rep 17/05/2022)

NEPSE escalates 56.06 points on Wednesday (rep 11/05/2022)

NEPSE goes green Tuesday, rises by 44.16 points (kh 10/05/2022)

NEPSE to be operational from Monday to Friday starting May 15 (rep 09/05/2022)

NEPSE index plunges nearly 5pc (ht 08/05/2022)

Investors lost Rs 167 billion in their shares’ value last week (rep 07/05/2022)

SEBON asks NEPSE to run stock market on Friday instead of Sunday, maintaining the five-day-a-week schedule (rep 07/05/2022)

NEPSE nosedives 37.06 points to close at 2,238.62 points (rep 05/05/2022)

NEPSE declines to one-year low 2275 points Wednesday : Transaction amount shrinks to Rs 1.27 billion (kh 04/05/2022)

NEPSE index loses 48.73 points on Monday (kh 02/05/2022)

NEPSE fell 20 points to close at 2,356.17 pts on Thursday (rep 28/04/2022)

NEPSE mulls over running stocks trading from Monday to Friday after govt declares Sunday a public holiday (rep 28/04/2022)

Daily turnover just around Rs 1 billion at NEPSE on second consecutive day (rep 27/04/2022)

NEPSE drops 34.95 points on Monday (rep 25/04/2022)

Stock market drops by 4 points in first trading week of 2079 BS : Experts suggest 'wait and see' (kh 23/04/2022)

NEPSE falls by 36.73 points Wednesday (kh 20/04/2022)

NEPSE gains 13.37 points on Tuesday following a 71 points fall in past two days (rep 19/04/2022)

NEPSE spirals down, loses 41.77 points on Monday (kh 18/04/2022)

NEPSE declined by 49.11 points last week (rep 16/04/2022)

NEPSE bids farewell to Nepali Year 2078 with a gain of 30.24 points (rep 13/04/2022)

NEPSE nosedives 44.56 points on Monday (rep 11/04/2022)

NEPSE declined by 80 points last week, leaving investors to lose Rs 113.51 billion in book value (rep 09/004/2022)

NEPSE closes green with over 30 points gain on Thursday (kh 07/04/2022)

NEPSE declines by 23.32 points Wednesday (kh 06/04/2022)

NEPSE posts double-digit fall in its index for third consecutive day on Tuesday (rep 05/04/2022)

NEPSE declines by 15.94 points Monday (kh 04/04/2022), NEPSE downtrend continues on Monday, index falls below 2,500 points (rep 04/04/2022)

Investors lost Rs 93 billion at the shares market last week (rep 02/04/2022)

NEPSE records double digit loss on Thursday (kh 31/03/2022)

NEPSE gains 40.68 points on Wednesday after a successive fall for three days (rep 30/03/2022)

NEPSE downward trend continues Tuesday : Stock market index declines by 14.26 points (kh 29/03/2022)

NEPSE declines by 29.98 points and reaches 2542 points Monday : Monday sees a fall in all subgroups (kh 28/03/2022)

NEPSE downtrend continues on Sunday : Stock market index declines by 41.43 points (kh 27/03/2022)

NEPSE registers double digit slump on Thursday (kh 24/03/2022)

NEPSE declines by 20.34 points Wednesday (kh 23/03/2022)

NEPSE records double digit gain on Tuesday (kh 22/03/2022), NEPSE gains 16.04 points on Tuesday (rep 22/03/2022)

NEPSE rises by 18 points Monday (kh 21/03/2022)

NEPSE index sheds 14.67 points on first trading day of week (kh 20/03/2022)

With over Rs 12 billion shares traded, the NEPSE index rose by 64.35 points (kh 19/03/2022

NEPSE falls by a double-digit point in two consecutive trading days (rep 16/03/2022)

NEPSE loses 17.15 points on Tuesday (rep 15/03/2022)

NEPSE witnesses a green leap Sunday : Stock market increases by more than 100 points (kh 13/03/2022), NEPSE soars by a whopping 101.07 points on Sunday (rep 13/03/2022)

NEPSE increases by about 20 points, while the transaction amount decreases (kh 12/03/2022)

NEPSE rises 52.31 points to close at 2,566.90 on Thursday (kh 10/03/2022)

NEPSE’s downward journey continues Wednesday : Stock market  goes down by 30.29 points (kh 09/03/2022)

Investors lost Rs 162 billion in their book value last week with a notable fall in shares prices (rep 05/03/2022)

NEPSE declines by 63.98 points Wednesday (kh 02/03/2022)

Shares’ transaction largely being affected by insider trading, pump-and-dump and circular trading: FinMin Sharma (rep 02/03/2022)

NEPSE slides down by 7.73 points to close at 2,653.70 on Sunday (kh 27/02/2022)

NEPSE decreases by 58.99 today (kh 24/02/2022)

NEPSE falls by 15.50 points to close at 2,720.43 points on Wednesday (kh 23/02/2022), NEPSE fails to maintain past two-day charm for investors, loses 15.5 points on Wednesday (rep 23/02/2022)

NEPSE falls by 39 points on Sunday (kh 20/02/2022)

NEPSE downtrends by 19.84 points Wednesday (kh 16/02/2022)

NEPSE gains 53.3 points on Tuesday (rep 15/02/2022)

Erred index: Wake-up call for NEPSE, by Prabin Kumar Kafle (ht 14/02/2022)

NEPSE reacts to interest rate hike: Index loses 100 points to close at 2,700.89 points (kh 13/02/2022)

NEPSE declines by 75 points in a week (kh 11/02/2022)

NEPSE loses 22.03 points to close at 2,813.52 on Wednesday (kh 09/02/2022)

NEPSE witnesses 16 points fall on Tuesday (kh 08/02/2022)

Investors gained Rs 13.70 billion in stock trading last week (rep 05/02/2022)

NEPSE saw double-digit fall, market closes at 2,876.75 points on Thursday (kh 03/02/2022), NEPSE falls 14.5 points on last transaction day of this week (rep 03/02/2022)

NEPSE gains double-digit points on buying spree triggered by ‘progress toward local elections’ (rep 01/02/2022)

NEPSE witnesses double digit decline Monday (kh 31/01/2022)

Local level election impact: NEPSE gains 105.55 points Sunday (kh 30/01/2022)

Investors lost around Rs 2.14 billion in stock trading last week (rep 29/10/2022)

NEPSE continues downward spiral, falls by 38.45 points Wednesday (kh 26/01/2022)

NEPSE closes at 2820.65 after losing nearly 100 points (kh 24/01/2022), NEPSE sees landslide fall of 100.10 points on Monday trading (rep 24/01/2022)

NEPSE falls by 10.83 points, Nepal Telecom sees highest transaction Sunday (kh 23/01/2022)

Share market declines after 144-point rise : Experts regard it as course correction impact (kh 18/01/2022)

NEPSE goes bullish on first transaction day of Magh (kh 16/01/2022)

NEPSE gains 54.12 points to close above 2,857 on last trading day of week (kh 13/01/2022)

NEPSE gains 73.01 points (kh 09/01/2022)

NEPSE increases by 43.29 points (kh 06/01/2022)

NEPSE decreases by 30.75 points (kh 05/01/2022)

NEPSE increases by 60.41 points (kh 02/01/2022)

Monday sees massive decline in NEPSE (kh 27/12/2021)

NEPSE snaps four-week losing run (rep 24/12/2021)

Nepal's stock market and economic growth: Politicians' sayings and impact, by Shankar Man Singh (ht 23/12/2021)

NEPSE announces to distribute 166.67% dividend (kh 23/12/2021)

NEPSE shoots up to cross 2,400 mark (rep 22/12/2021)

NEPSE increases by 56.73 points today (kh 21/12/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 17.93 points today (kh 20/12/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 79.23 points (kh 13/12/2021)

Share investors lose Rs 1 trillion in last four months (kh 12/12/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 53.09 points today (kh 08/12/2021), NEPSE under 2,500 amidst dreary market participation (rep 08/12/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 37.18 points, by Eak Raj Bastola (kh 07/12/2021)

NEPSE increases by 32.22 points today (kh 06/12/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 72.32 points today (kh 05/12/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 49.04 points today (kh 02/12/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 21.48 points (kh 29/11/2021), NEPSE ends 21 points lower (rep 29/11/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 80.29 points today (kh 28/11/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 32.31 points today (kh 23/11/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 11.60 points today (kh 21/11/2021)

What is not right about rights shares : Money that should have gone to the corporate coffers is going to the shareholders' pockets, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 19/11/2021)

NEPSE increases by 16.95 points today (kh 17/11/2021)

NEPSE rally almost 70 points (rep 16/11/2021), NEPSE Leaps By 69.22 Points (rn 16/11/2021)

NEPSE increases by 26.44 points, closes at 2,715.35 (kh 15/11/2021)

Index tumbles 150 points as stocks give up prior-week gains (rep 12/11/2021)

Demat account holders exceed 4.6 million (kh 09/11/2021)

NEPSE extends losses as all sectors tank (rep 09/11/2021)

NEPSE recoup Monday’s losses as Development Bank stocks surge (rep 02/11/2021)

NEPSE closes week on positive note (kh 29/10/2021)

NEPSE increases by 78.82 points today (kh 26/10/2021)

Women in stock market: The more the merrier, by Pratik Ghimire (ae 21/10/2021)

NEPSE seeks clarifications from stocks brokerage companies for submitting fake details of their clients (rep 12/10/2021)

NEPSE increases by 41.84 points (kh 05/10/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 55.93 points today (kh 03/10/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 32.51 points (kh 30/09/2021)

NEPSE increases by 50.58 points, by Ek Raj Bastola (kh 29/09/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 70.01 points (kh 28/09/2021)

IPOs of 20 companies worth over Rs 5.90 billion on pipeline (rep 28/09/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 73.05 points (kh 27/09/2021)

NEPSE down by 61.27 points (kh 26/09/2021)

NEPSE up as banking advance offset other sector losses (rep 23/09/2021)

NEPSE increases by 104.88 points (kh 22/09/2021)

NEPSE down by 114.02 points (kh 20/09/2021), NEPSE downswings 114.02 points on Monday trading (rep 20/09/2021)

Protect budding capital market : The central bank as a regulator has duties, not the least of which is investor protection, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 20/09/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 76.65 points (kh 16/09/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 40.26 points (kh 15/09/2021)

NEPSE increases by 71.43 points (kh 12/09/2021), Broad rally helps NEPSE end above 2,900 (rep 12/09/2021)

NEPSE in weekly correction but selling pressure eases off (rep 10/09/2021)

Digitization : Need for constant improvement : NEPSE is often blamed whenever there is a problem in the system, but there is more to the story than meets the eye, by Sunny Mahat (ae 09/09/2021)

NEPSE sees another correction to trade below 2,900 (rep 08/09/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 44.18 points (kh 07/09/2021)

Investors submit memo to NRB putting forth 18-point demand (kh 06/09/2021)

NEPSE surges 161.94 points (kh 06/09/2021),  Nepse gains 161.94 points on Monday following finance ministry’s intervention (rep 06/09/2021)

NEPSE drops over 100 points (kh 05/09/2021)

Securities Board of Nepal caught in yet another insider trading scandal : The government has started a probe for delayed disclosure of key financial details of 51 high risk companies, which reportedly allowed certain people privy to the board’s decision to sell their stocks at higher rates, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/09/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 50.13 points today (kh 02/09/2021)

NEPSE takes a breather as stocks hold ground (rep 01/09/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 69.05 points (kh 31/08/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 49.18 points (kh 29/08/2021)

Of the beginning of NEPSE and its bears & bulls, by Sunny Mahat (ae 26/08/2021)

NEPSE increases by 17.60 points (kh 26/08/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 48.42 points (25/08/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 56.03 points (kh 24/08/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 18.24 points (kh 19/08/2021)

NEPSE increases by 38.28 points, reaches an all-time high (kh 18/08/2021)

880,000 investors remain active in share market (kh 16/08/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 24.88 points (kh 15/08/2021)

NEPSE increases by 16.41 points (kh 12/08/2021)

NEPSE up 51.91 points in first two hours (kh 11/08/2021)

NEPSE increases by 51.86 points (kh 10/08/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 15.11 points (kh 29/07/2021)

NEPSE increases by 15.30 points (kh 28/07/2021), NEPSE closes at record high of 3,094.94 points (rep 28/07/2021)

NEPSE increases by 29.24 points, reaches an all-time high (kh 27/07/2021)

NEPSE increases by 54.31 points, reaches an all-time high (kh 25/07/2021)

NEPSE climbs higher to end week on an upbeat note (rep 23/07/2021)

NEPSE increases by 97.21 points on Sunday (kh 18/07/2021)

NEPSE increases by 11.33 points (kh 15/07/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 45.06 points on Monday (kh 12/07/2021)

Give tools to both bulls and bears : The rise in margin debt is a signal that investors’ risk appetite has gone up, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 11/07/2021)

NEPSE increases by 23.76 points (kh 08/07/2021)

NEPSE down 16.97 points at close (07/07/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 8.48 points (kh 04/07/2021)

Govt earns record high tax revenue of Rs 13.33 billion from secondary market in first 11 months of current FY (rep 03/07/2021)

NEPSE ends flat after eventful week (rep 02/07/2021)

NEPSE increases by 19.12 points (kh 01/07/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 47.49 points (kh 29/06/2021)

Why Nepal's stock market is booming amidst a pandemic, by Aishwarya Baidar (rec 25/06/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 16.96 points (kh 24/06/2021)

Sebon reduces range for fluctuation of pre-open prices of shares to two percent (rep 24/06/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 51.65 points (kh 23/06/2021), Stocks give up Tuesday’s gains as volumes falter (rep 23/06/2021)

NEPSE increases by 79.44 points (kh 22/06/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 71.06 points (kh 21/06/2021)

NEPSE loses 63.28 points to close at 2,905 points (kh 20/06/2021)

NEPSE on a freefall of 52.41 points following Sebon’s caution notice (rep 16/06/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 3.72 points (kh 15/06/2021)

NEPSE index surpasses 3,000 points (kh 14/06/2021)

NEPSE increases by 38.32 points, sets record in transaction (kh 13/06/2021)

Will banks now stop inflating Nepali stock market?, by Rudra Pangeni (ae 10/06/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 1.80 points (kh 10/06/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 13.56 points (kh 09/06/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 0.21 points (kh 07/06/2021)

NEPSE up by 29.55 points, reaches an all-time high (kh 03/06/2021)

Stock market rebounds after crashing for two days (kh 02/06/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 11.68 points (kh 01/06/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 45.07 points (kh 31/05/2021)

NEPSE increases by 12.54 points (kh 30/05/2021)

NEPSE sets new record with transaction worth Rs 14.76 billion (kh 27/05/2021)

NEPSE sails past 2,800-point threshold to a new high (ht 24/05/2021)

NEPSE increases by 6.37 points (kh 20/05/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 13.09 points (kh 19/05/2021)

NEPSE records highest transaction in history (kh 18/05/2021)

NEPSE increases by 54.21 points (kh 16/05/2021)

NEPSE increases by 27.41 points (kh 10/05/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 18.56 points (kh 09/05/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 5.09 points (kh 05/05/2021)

NEPSE increases by 92.46 points (kh 27/04/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 32.41 points (kh 21/04/2021)

NEPSE increases by 20.61 points, reaches an all-time high (kh 15/4/2021)

NEPSE bids adieu to 2077 BS by setting a new record (ht 14/04/2021)

NEPSE increases by 17.20 points (kh 12/04/2021)

NEPSE ends in green for four straight weeks (rep 10/04/2021)

NEPSE increases by 25.71 points, reaches an all-time high (kh 04/04/2021)

NEPSE increases by 41.36 points (kh 24/03/2021)

NEPSE decreased by 24.08 points (kh 22/03/2021)

NEPSE ends week on positive note (rep 20/03/2021), Stocks rally backed by improved volumes (rep 21/03/2021)

NEPSE decreases by 51.23 points (kh 14/03/2021)

Despite politics, Nepal’s stock market is bullish : NEPSE is going through a tectonic shift with record transactions, but crucial reforms are needed, by Santosh Pokharel and Sudyumna Dahal (nt 12/03/2021)

NEPSE increases by 90.27 points (kh 04/03/202)

NEPSE decreases by 59.7 points (kh 02/03/2021)

NEPSE increases by 12.56 points (kh 24/02/2021)

Interest rates are not everything : It is folly to invest solely because rates are low and shy away because rates are rising, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 21/02/2021)

NEPSE told to publicise financials of listed companies (ht 19/02/2021)

NEPSE increases by 25.23 points on Thursday (kh 18/02/2021)

NEPSE gains 15.5 points creating new high (kh 16/02/2021)

NEPSE ends marginally higher erasing some of previous day losses (rep 10/02/2021)

NEPSE sets new records (ht 08/02/2021)

Stocks see new high as market registers another active session (rep 25/01/2021)

Subsidiary company of Citizen Investment Trust permitted to work as a securities dealer (rep 23/01/2021)

COVID encourages investment in share market, by Arpana Ale Magar (ht 18/01/2021)

NEPSE crosses new milestones (ht 17/01/2021)

NEPSE near 2,300 points after upbeat trading week (rep 15/01/2021)

NEPSE scales to a new peak (ht 08/01/2021)

NEPSE begins 2021 by sailing past 2,100 to a fresh peak (ht 04/01/2021)

Nepse index ushers in 2021 at record peak (ht 03/01/2021)

Share market bull overrides political chaos (ht 27/12/2020)

Commission for brokerage service reduced by up to 60 percent (rep 26/12/2020)

Nepse in freefall, plunges by 97 points on political uncertainty (rep 20/12/2020)

Nepse recoups some of earlier losses (ht 20/12/2020)

Euphoric investor sentiment has  no happy ending : A lesson from the tech frenzy of the 1990s: The sooner speculative bubbles get pricked, the better, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 16/12/2020)

NEPSE index up by 56.72 points (kh 14/12/2020)

NEPSE index dives by 6pc (ht 07/12/2020)

NEPSE jumps 162 points (rep 05/12/2020), Share market bull in no mood to give in (ht 06/12/2020)

Despite economy taking a hit during the pandemic, the stock market witnesses a record high : Easy access to bank loans against shares, lack of opportunities elsewhere, and largely consistent bank profits fuel bull run but regulators urge investors to exercise caution, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/12/2020), NEPSE benchmark index jumps 70 points : Stock market sees turnover of Rs 7.46 billion (rep 02/12/2020)

NEPSE at a fresh peak (ht 01/12/2020)

Stocks soar to record high : NEPSE benchmark index jumps 115.13 points (rep 28/11/2020), Record-setting week at NEPSE (ht 29/11/2020)

NEPSE at new high, but analysts advise caution (ht 27/11/2020)

NEPSE sets new record with 1,915 points in first 1 hour (kh 26/11/2020)

NEPSE benchmark index jumps 29.68 points (rep 24/11/2020)

Stock market rally pulls share investors (ht 22/11/2020)

Bullion traders asked to record details of buyers in high value transactions : Directive is aimed at making business transparent and discouraging money laundering, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 14/11/2020)

Bullion sales see modest  rise on Dhanteras day : Traders said that business was better than expected despite higher prices and Covid, by Krishana Prasain (kp 14/11/2020)

NEPSE drops as investors await Q1 results (ht 08/11/2020)

NEPSE index increases by 41.20 points (kh 28/10/2020), Stock market opens post-holiday trading on a bullish note as commercial banks surge (rep 29/10/2020)

Benchmark index buckles under quarter-end pressure (ht 18/10/2020)

Share market sees 7.56 point fall today : Sanima Bank holds the largest share of transaction tday (kh 14/10/2020)

Contrary to previous years, NEPSE index on bull run before Dashain (ht 11/10/2020)

Share market nearly salvages previous week’s loss (ht 04/10/2020)

NEPSE registers double-digit growth (kh 01/10/2020)

Nepse index witnesses marginal correction (ht 27/09/2020

Nepse closes week on a positive note (rep 25/09/2020)

Nepse index closes in on 1,600 points (ht 20/09/2020)

Stocks close week higher; hydropower companies, hotels and BFIs lead (rep 19/09/2020)

Profit-booking limits gain of benchmark index (ht 13/09/2020)

Investors flock to share market (ht 06/09/2020)

Benchmark index at a six-month high : Daily turnover in the secondary market surges to over Rs 4bn (ht 03/09/2020)

Lockdowns, prohibitory orders a boon for Nepse (ht 30/08/2020)

Nepse up 13.48 points in first one hour (kh 24/08/2020)

Nepse hovers in the periphery of 1,400 points (ht 23/08/2020)

Nepse down 14.67 points in first one hour (kh 19/08/2020)

COVID weighs on share investors’ sentiment (ht 16/08/2020)

Nepse up 4.14 points in first one hour (kh 11/08/2020)

Share investors following rumours hardest hit (ht 09/08/2020)

NEPSE plunges 21.20 points to close at 1,382.66 (kh 05/08/2020)

Share market investors wait for Monetary Policy implementation (ht 02/08/2020)

Benchmark index crosses 1,400-point threshold (ht 26/07/2020)

Monetary Policy triggers bullish run at bourse: Nepse surges by 6.04 per cent; 3 circuit breakers in an hour (ht 20/07/2020)

Secondary market surges on positive cues (ht 19/07/2020)

Nepse index surges on positive cues from SEBON (ht 12/07/2020)

Nepse slides sharply amid extreme volatility (rep 02/07/2020, Stocks plummet as rally screeches to a halt (ht 03/07/2020)

Nepse witnesses bull run with 6pc surge to close at 1,260.75 (ht 01/07/2020)

SEBON still undecided about reopening share market (ht 26/06/2020)

SEBON, Nepse preparing to reopen secondary market (ht 12/06/2020)

NEPSE closes operation from today again (kh 14/05/2020), SEBON directs Nepse to halt trading till May 18 (ht 15/05/2020)

Share market reopens after 50 days, trading suspended within 1.5 hours (ht 13/05/2020)

Nepse witnesses steep fall in opening day (kh 12/05/2020)

The stock market after the pandemic: Although NEPSE might slide further down after the market reopens, the bounce-back will be much quicker than expected, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (kp 10/05/2020)

NEPSE to resume trading from Tuesday (ht 10/05/2020)

NEPSE to remain closed till April 7 (ht 31/03/2020)

Stock market to remain closed for five days (rep 23/03/2020), NEPSE flouts directive from SEBON to shut down market (ht 23/03/2020)

NEPSE ends 18 points lower (rep 23/03/2020)

Share market falls prey to coronavirus (ht 22/03/2020)

NEPSE ends in red for third straight week (rep 21/03/2020)

NEPSE to suspend share trading from Sunday (rep 20/03/2020)

NEPSE ends week with 14-point gain (rep 20/03/2020)

Stocks extend slide but losses shrink (rep 19/03/2020)

NEPSE continues bear market slide (rep 18/03/2020)

Respite for investors as NEPSE inches higher (rep 17/03/2020)

Panic selling prompts NEPSE to tumble 4.66pc (ht 16/03/2020), NEPSE slides in first ever five-hour trading session (rep 16/03/2020)

Nepal Stock Exchange index drops 58 points, week-on-week, amid a global market sell-off: The turnover on NEPSE falls too, as investors spooked by novel coronavirus, made their exit, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 15/03/2020), COVID-19 fear causes market volatility (ht 15/03/2020)

NEPSE stretch weekly losses as global rout stokes fear (rep 14/03/2020)

NEPSE gives up over 45 points as uncertainty looms (rep 13/03/2020)

FinMin blames virus outbreak for share market turbulence (ht 13/03/2020)

NEPSE recoups previous day losses in relief rally (rep 12/03/2020)

Nepal Stock Exchange index drops a further 86 points after losing 197 points last week: The turnover on NEPSE fell too, after investors reacted to bearish global market sentiments and sold key stocks, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 11/03/2020), Stocks resume trading with a massive slide (rep 11/03/2020)

Local bourse plunges 6.02pc on virus worries (ht 11/03/2020)

NEPSE index drops 197 points week-on-week to close at 1,435.70: The turnover on NEPSE fell by more than half as investors booked their profits after a short-term market rally, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 08/03/2020)

NEPSE ends week with a modest drop (rep 06/03/2020)

NEPSE down by 68 points (rep 05/03/2020)

NEPSE closes in green after two-day slump (rep 04/03/2020)

Bloodbath at secondary market suspends trading (ht 03/03/2020), NEPSE slumps 96 points amid heavy correction (rep 03/03/2020)

NEPSE begins week in red (rep 02/03/2020), NEPSE preparing to extend share trading hours (ht 02/03/2020)

NEPSE up roughly 200 points in its best week till date (rep 29/02/2020)

Nepal Stock Exchange index extends its bull run, jumps 198 points week-on-week to close at 1,632.17: The turnover on NEPSE nearly doubled compared to last week as investors bought banking and development bank stocks with an intent to hold on to them, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 28/02/2020)

Banking stocks surge as market witnesses record turnover (rep 28/02/2020)

NEPSE witnesses modest drop but volumes stay upbeat (rep 25/02/2020)

NEPSE hits 26-month high driven by heavyweight banks’ surge (rep 24/02/2020)

Nepal Stock Exchange index extends its bull run, jumps 90 points week-on-week: The turnover on NEPSE surged on buying interest of investors in banking, hotels, hydropower and microfinance stocks, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 23/02/2020), Market reform initiatives boost investor sentiment (ht 23/02/2020)

NEPSE hits 2-year high after week's broad surge (rep 22/02/2020)

Share market at 22-month-high (ht 21/02/2020). NEPSE closes above 1,400 points with record turnover (rep 21/02/2020)

NEPSE up for a fourth straight session (rep 20/02/2020)

NEPSE above 1,400 points for first time in 22 months (rep 19/02/2020)

NEPSE hits 21-month high with record turnover (rep 18/02/2020)

How hydro companies are cheating shareholders: People who invested in hydropower shares are in debt, by Rudra Pangeni (rep 17/02/2020)

NEPSE rallies 20 points after Thursday’s correction (rep 17/02/2020)

NEPSE looks to be consolidating ahead of a short-term rally: The turnover on NEPSE was flat on Thursday due to profit-booking by investors in banking, hydropower and hotels’ stocks, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 16/02/2020), NEPSE index up by 10.90 points (ht 16/02/2020)

Stocks stretch gains for a third consecutive week (rep 15/02/2020)

NEPSE springs to life: Nepal’s only stock exchange is rebounding, but it is hard to pinpoint who is buying up all these shares, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 14/02/2020)

NEPSE extends gain for third straight day (rep 13/02/2020)

NEPSE up for a second straight day (rep 12/02/2020)

NEPSE finds support at 1,320 points (rep 11/02/2020)

Secondary bourse up by 8.30 points (ht 09/02/2020)

Kathmandu Stock Market surges to a fresh 2020 high: The turnover on NEPSE, however, fell on profit-booking by investors as they sold banking, hydropower and insurance stocks, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 08/02/2020)

Bank as broker: The good, the bad and the ugly, by Jagadish Prasad Bist and Sazid Bista (ht 07/02/2020)

NEPSE ends week in red as selling pressure prevails (rep 07/02/2020)

NEPSE slightly up as sectors end mixed (rep 06/02/2020)

NEPSE snaps three-day winning run (rep 05/02/2020)

NEPSE closes higher for third straight day (rep 04/02/2020)

NEPSE at 20-month high, up by 21 points (ht 03/02/2020), Banking stocks propel Nepse to 20-month high (rep 03/02/2020)

NEPSE surges to a new 2020 high on new investor capital getting pumped in: The turnover rose too as investors bought banking and hydropower and insurance stocks (kp 02/02/2020), NEPSE index rebounds by 2.15 pc (ht 02/02/2020)

NEPSE xtends gains after prior week's setbacks (rep 01/02/2020)

NEPSE surges as insurance, banking stocks post gains (rep 31/01/2020)

NEPSE unchanged after two days of gain (rep 30/01/2020)

Stocks up for a second consecutive day (rep 29/01/2020)

Stocks erase previous day losses as NEPSE jumps 24 points (rep 28/01/2020)

NEPSE opens with 21-point loss (rep 27/01/2020)

NEPSE off 2020 highs on profit-booking by investors: The turnover fell last week as investors sold banking and hydropower stocks, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 26/01/2020), NEPSE enters correction phase (ht 26/01/2020)

NEPSE down as profit booking continues (rep 24/01/2020)

NEPSE sees modest drop (rep 23/01/2020)

NEPSE ekes out marginal gains in volatile trading (rep 22/0/2020)

NEPSE down 27 points on heavy profit booking (rep 21/01/2020)

NEPSE up 33 points, turnover above Rs 2b (rep 20/01/2020)

Secondary market enters ‘markup phase’ (rep 19/01/2020)

NEPSE ecords its best weekly gain in over 20 months (rep 18/01/2020)

NEPSE near eight-month high, crosses 1,300 points (ht 17/01/2020), NEPSE crosses 1,300 points (rep 17/01/2020)

Stocks surge as investors eye scrips of BFIs (rep 16/01/2020)

Stocks fall slightly in volatile trading (rep 15/01/2020)

NEPSE continues rising streak, up 15 points (rep 14/01/2020)

Benchmark index gains 3.51pc, crosses 1,250-point threshold (ht 13/01/2020), NEPSE shoots up 42 points in its best day in over 21 months (rep 13/01/2020)

NEPSE crosses 1,200-point mark to a fresh 4-month high (rep 07/01/2020)

NEPSE opens week with 16-point rally (rep 06/01/2020)

Share market investors in wait-and-see mode (ht 05/01/2020), NEPSE sees modest drop, ending the week flat (rep 05/01/2020)

Stocks begin 2020 on a positive footing (rep 02/01/2020)

NEPSE stretches sideways movement with modest gain (rep 31/12/2019)

NEPSE down 5 points (rep 30/12/2019)

NEPSE ends higher on value-buying by investors: Nepal Bank was the star of last week's trading with more than Rs33 million worth of its shares being traded, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 29/12/2019), NEPSE in bullish trend, rises by 17.77 points (ht 29/12/2019)

SE ends week 18 points higher (rep 28/12/2019)

NEPSE ends week on a flat note (rep 27/12/2019)

NEPSE ekes out marginal gains (rep 26/12/2019)

Market pares intraday gains as NEPSE closes in red (rep 25/12/2019)

Stocks rally as NEPSE gains 18 points (rep 24/12/2019)

NEPSE ends in green in choppy trade (rep 23/12/2019)

NEPSE index ends lower on profit-booking by investors: The market turnover fell sharply last week as the market searched for a new catalyst, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 22/12/2019), Secondary market index declines by 23 points (ht 22/12/2019)

NEPSE closes week lower amidst notable profit booking (rep 21/12/2019)

NEPSE up marginally as stocks hold ground (rep 18/12/2019)

NEPSE sees further correction losing 13 points (rep 17/12/2019)

NEPSE naps 8-day winning run, ends 5 points lower (rep 16/12/2019)

NEPSE witnesses its best week since late April: The market turnover more than doubled on Thursday compared to a week ago, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 15/12/2019), Investor optimism spurs NEPSE to double-digit rise (ht 15/12/2019)

NEPSE closes higher for two consecutive weeks (rep 14/12/2019)

Understanding the performance of the NEPSE: Emphasis should be put on enhancing economic activities to strengthen the stock market's performance, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (kp 12/12/2019)

Microfinance and insurance stocks help NEPSE stretch winning streak (rep 12/12/2019)

NEPSE above 1,150 points (rep 11/12/2019)

Time for one class of shares: While it makes sense to necessitate promoter shares in the beginning, this should be relaxed as the market matures, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 10/12/2019)

NEPSE posts gain for fifth straight day (rep 10/12/2019)

NEPSE up 3 points on first trading day of week (rep 09/12/2019)

Commercial banks and life insurance stocks rally to lift NEPSE: Market is expected to underperform in the near term due to liquidity concerns, say brokers, by Himendra Mohan Kumar (kp 08/12/2019), Nepse on bullish run, rises by 19.13 points (ht 08/12/2019)

NEPSE ends week higher, buoyed by insurance stocks (rep 07/12/2019)

NEPSE continues gaining streak (rep 06/12/2019)

Stocks eke out marginal gains, but turnover still subdued (rep 04/12/2019)

NEPSE unchanged in choppy trading (rep 03/12/2019)

NEPSE begins week on a flat note (rep 02/12/2019)

Share market movement reflects investor immaturity: Analyst (ht 01/12/2019)

Nepse ends slightly lower in Tuesday's lackluster trading (rep 28/11/2019)

Liquidity crunch sinks stock market: Market is expected to trade flat with a negative bias in the week ahead due to absence of a catalyst, by Himandra Mohan Kumar (kp 24/11/2019), Investor sentiment hits Nepse, down by 1.35pc (ht 24/11/2019)

Investors indifferent to restructuring of minister’s cabinet (rep 23/11/2019)

Market activity drops as stocks inch lower (rep 20/11/2019)

NEPSE begins week in red (rep 18/11/2019)

Share market still in correction phase (ht 17/11/2019)

NEPSE unchanged on last trading day of week (rep 15/11/2019)

NEPSE inches lower for second straight session (rep 14/11/2019)

NEPSE pulls back giving up Monday's gains (rep 13/11/2019)

NEPSE rallies with a surge in daily turnover (rep 12/11/2019)

NEPSE opens week on flat note (rep 11/11/2019)

Liquidity crisis hits secondary market (ht 10/11/2019), Investors apathetic to margin trading amid bearish market (rep 10/11/2019)

Stocks log weekly loss but consolidation continues (rep 09/11/2019)

NEPSE down despite improved turnover (rep 08/11/2019)

The market is growing up: Margin trading is a welcome development, but it is no panacea for stock doldrums, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 08/11/2019)

NEPSE inches lower as buyers hold back (rep 07/11/2019)

Reforming capital market: Privatization of NEPSE is important to enhance its competitive professionalism in the changed market scenario, by Bhola Ram Shrestha (kp 06/11/2019)

Stocks inch lower in thin trading (rep 04/11/2019)

NEPSE yet to recover from festivities: Share analysts rue government apathy towards investors’ concerns (ht 03/11/2019)

NEPSE posts modest loss (rep 01/11/2019)

Broad advance pushes NEPSE higher (rep 24/10/2019)

NEPSE's daily transaction amount drops below Rs 200 million for third straight day: A crunch in loanable funds, government indifference and festive season spending have adversely affected the secondary market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 23/10/209)

NEPSE inches lower for second straight day (rep 22/10/2019)

Margin trading receives no response from investors: Margin trading is a platform that enables investors to borrow money from their broker to buy shares (kp 21/10/2019), NEPSE edges lower in dull trading (rep 21/10/2019)

NEPSE halts trading of 81 listed companies (ht 21/1o/2019)

Shortage of loanable funds spook investors: The response to margin trading was lukewarm as well, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 20/10/2019), Unstable policies fuel pessimism in local bourse (ht 20/10/2019)

NEPSE ends week lower (rep 19/10/2019)

NEPSE posts modest drop in thin Wednesday trading (rep 17/10/2019)

NEPSE up 5 points partially recouping Monday's losses (rep 16/10/2019)

NEPSE begins week with a 12-point drop (rep 15/10/2019)

Investors shun the stock market during Dashain: Investors lost Rs500 million in the book value of their investment portfolio, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 13/10/2019)

Stocks flat after 5 day long holiday (rep 12/10/2019)

Securities Board of Nepal mulls lowering stockbrokers’ commissions: Move is expected to attract more people to invest in the stock market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 06/10/2019)

Stock market rallies around promoter shares: Investors gained Rs24.87 billion in the book value of their investment portfolio, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 06/10/2019)

SEBON to amend its guidelines (ht 04/10/2019)

NEPSE extends gain with 10 point advance (rep 02/10/2019)

NEPSE snaps losing streak as hotels lead (rep 01/10/2019)

Stock market sinks as investors offload shares ahead of Dashain: Stockbrokers said the market’s behaviour is in line with sentiments that usually prevails each year, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 29/09/2019)

Stockbrokers say they will start margin trading before Dashain: Margin trading is a platform that enables investors to borrow money from their broker to buy shares, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 29/09/2019)

Nepal Stock Exchange index closes 2.59 points lower from a week ago: Stockbrokers said the investors are unnerved due to a continuous fall in the market in the last two months, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 23/09/2019)

NEPSE loses 18 points after two-day rally (rep 20/09/2019)

IPOs worth Rs4.14 billion awaiting SEBON’s approval amid investor disinterest: Several of the companies willing to issue initial public offerings are active in hydropower generation, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 20/0/2019)

Nepal Stock Exchange to issue brokerage licences for provinces amid sustainability concerns: The move is in line with recommendations made in December to ensure better transparency and address structural and operational issues, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 19/09/2019)

Board demands progress report on the implementation of directives: The Nepal Stock Exchange and CDS and Clearing have been asked to submit a report by today, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 18/09/2019)

NEA to issue 25 per cent shares to public (ht 18/09/2019)

NEPSE drops 16 points, extends losing run to eighth straight day (rep 17/09/2019)

Second stock market: Does Nepal need one?, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (ht 16/09/2019)

Investors lose confidence in NEPSE: The stock market has plunged by over 100 points in the past six weeks, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 15/09/2019)

NEPSE sheds 33 points in the week intensifying market out (rep 14/09/2019)

NEPSE ends lower for fifth straight session (rep 12/09/2019)

The stock market suffers worst day in four months NEPSE slides 12.61 points to 1,178.46 on Sunday, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 09/09/2019)

NEPSE index loses 5.35 points (ht 08/09/2019)

NEPSE continues to plunge despite higher investor activity: It is the fifth straight week of losses in the stock market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 08/09/2019)

NEPSE posts 7th straight weekly loss despite midweek rally (rep 07/09/2019)

NEPSE ends week in red (rep 06/09/209)

NEPSE near 1,200 points as market extends rally (rep 05/09/2019)

NEPSE rebounds with 20-point rally (rep 04/09/2019)

NEPSE sheds 15 points as market rout continues (rep 03/09/2019)

Market tumbles as insurance, energy stocks falter (rep 02/09/2019)

NEPSE posts double digit loss for fourth straight week: The government continues to delay the implementation of crucial policies, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 01/09/2019)

NEPSE extends losses to sixth straight week (rep 31/08/2019)

NEPSE tumbles further despite positive dividends outlook (rep 30/08/2019)

NBA seeks resumption of process to issue stock broker license to banks (rep 29/08/2019)

Bearish NEPSE at 1, 197.75 points (rep 29/08/2019)

NEPSE snaps 3-day losing run (rep 28/08/2019)

NEPSE ends lower for third straight session after broad sell-off (rep 27/08/2019)

Stocks trim intraday losses to close with modest decline (rep 26/08/2018)

Lack of investors’ confidence affects NepseLack of investors’ confidence affects NEPSE (ht 25/08/2019)

Delay in implementing policies adversely affecting stock exchange, brokers say: Securities Board of Nepal, the sector’s regulator has missed the government deadline by over a month, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 23/08/2019)

NEPSE ends week in red (rep 23/08/2019)

Process to issue stockbroker license to bank subsidiaries halted (rep 22/08/2019)

Nepse wavers as selling pressure eases (rep 22/08/209)

NEPSE breaks 4-day losing streak, partially erasing previous day's losses (rep 20/08/2019)

Regulator indecision on several government policies sinks NEPSE: Investors lost a whopping Rs15.82 billion in the book value of their investment portfolio, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 18/08/2019)

Central bank’s new rule of calculating the spread rate decimates stock market: Stocks analysts said the latest circular by Nepal Rastra Bank failed to boost the market and instead battered investor confidence, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 11/09/2019), Confusion related to CGT hits NEPSE (ht 11/08/2019)

NEPSE Nepse drops for third straight session (rep 06/08/2019)

NEPSE opens week with moderate losses (rep 05/08/2019)

Complexity in computing capital gains clouds market sentiment: Investors lost Rs6.91 billion in the book value of their investment portfolio, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 04/08/2019), Lack of investor confidence hits NEPSE (ht 04/08/2019)

NEPSE posts weekly loss in spite of mid-week recovery (rep 03/08/2019)

NEPSE ends week in red (rep 02/08/2019)

NEPSE extends gains as micro finance shares surge (rep 01/08/2019)

Stocks climb for a second straight day (rep 31/07/2019)

Investors find some respite after two-day slump (rep 30/07/2019)

Stocks tumble for second consecutive day (rep 29/07/2019)

Monetary Policy drags down NEPSE: Investors lost Rs3.20 billion in the book value of their investment portfolio, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 28/07/2019)

CGT calculation method dilemma hits NEPSE index (ht 28/07/2019)

Panic at the stock market as monetary policy dents investor confidence: Investors remain skeptical over the policy’s effectiveness in improving the market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 26/07/2019)

Monetary Policy hits Nepse, down 14 points (ht 26/07/2019)

NEPSE rises amid anticipation of monetary policy (rep 25/07/2019)

Stocks climb for second consecutive day (rep 24/07/2019)

SEBON to consult Nepse, CDSC on CGT issue (ht 22/07/2019)

NEPSE begins week in the red (rep 22/07/2019)

NEPSE starts new fiscal in bullish trend (ht 21/07/2019)

NEPSE erases some of previous day's gains (rep 19/07/2019)

NEPSE starts new fiscal year on a positive note (rep 18/07/2019)

NRB begins process to offload its shares in NEPSE Ltd (rep 17/07/2019)

At the end of fiscal year, Nepse closes on a positive note (rep 17/07/2019)

SEBON to speed up process of opening new  stock exchange (ht 16/07/2019)

NEPSE up for a second straight day with a 5-point advance (rep 16/07/2019)

NEPSE closes flat with dismal volume (rep 15/07/2019)

Monetary Policy delay leaves  investors on tenterhooks: With only three days left in the current fiscal year, it remains to be seen if the Nepal Rastra Bank will publish the monetary policy, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/07/2019)

Fiscal-end pressure weighs on share market: Investors in wait-and-see for Monetary Policy (ht 14/07/2019)

NEPSE ends week flat (rep 12/07/2019)

Securities Board to crack down more sternly on insider trading: Amendments will be made to Securities Act to give it more teeth, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 12/07/2019)

NEPSE flat as investors await monetary policy (rep 11/07/2019)

Investors cautious ahead of monetary policy announcement (rep 10/07/2019)

NEPSE begins week with 4-point decline (rep 08/07/2019)

Banks’ mega merger plan boosts investor spirit: Investors expect the share value of these banks to rise after unification with the well performing banks, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 07/07/2019)

NEPSE faces fiscal year-end pressure (ht 07/07/2019)

NEPSE ends week in red (rep 05/07/019)

Power producers say some provisions in the Share Issue Directives are illogical: Hydropower companies are barred from making follow-on public offers and issuing rights shares with the intention of investing in other companies or projects and clearing debts, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 04/07/2019)

NEPSE logs 15-point gain (rep 04/07/2019)

NEPSE surges breaking 4-day losing streak (rep 03/07/2019)

Market closes worst month since June last year (rep 01/07/2019)

NEPSE index in bearish trend for fourth week (ht 30/06/2019)

NEPSE extends losses for third straight day (rep 29/06/2019)

NEPSE Nepse down marginally (rep 27/06/2019)

NEPSE closes little changed, while turnover slumps (rep 26/06/2019)

Regulator calls for strict adherence of anti-money laundering law: There is a growing concern that illegally earned money has been making its way into the secondary marke, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 23/06/2019)

NEPSE records third weekly decline (ht 23/06/2019)

Investors in wait-and-watch mode: Stock analysts said investors are reluctant to either buy or sell shares as the end of the current fiscal year approaches, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 23/06/2019)

Lack of effective policy eroding due investor confidence, stock analysts say: Participants in interaction call for laws to prevent insider trading, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 19/06/2019)

Stocks fall, erasing previous day gains (rep 19/06/2019)

NEPSE snaps three-day losing run (rep 18/06/2019)

NEPSE sheds 11 points as stock rout continues (rep 17/06/2019)

Investors flee from market: Banks reported a shortfall of loanable funds; interest rates could shoot up, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 16/06/2019)

NEPSE continues downward trend (ht 16/07/2019)

Stocks slide further (rep 14/06/2019)

NEPSE back to losing ways (rep 13/06/2019)

NEPSE in correction phase, down by 2.64pc (ht 09/06/2019)

Stocks falter further (rep 07/06/2019)

NEPSE extends losses for third straight day (rep 05/06/2019)

NEPSE slips for second straight day (rep 04/06/2019)

NEPSE gains as budget addresses issues of secondary market (ht 02/06/2019)

Share investors pleased with  federal budget of fiscal 2019-20 (ht 31/05/2019)

NEPSE ends choppy trading session in green (rep 29/05/2019)

Trading volume dips as NEPSE closes unchanged (rep 28/05/2019)

SEBON proposes biometric system for demat accounts (ht 27/05/2019)

NEPSE ends lower following broad decline (rep 27/05/2019)

Investors unconvinced about NEPSE rush to offload shares, market down 4.16 points: Investors are wary after seeing a prolonged bearish trend in the market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 26/05/2019)

NEPSE mostly stable before budget (ht 26/05/2019)

Stocks climb as energy stocks continue to outperform (rep 23/05/2019)

NEPSE climbs as energy stocks rally (rep 22/05/2019)

NEPSE soars 26.75 points after unaudited report shows banks recording strong profits, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 19/05/2019)

Sebon yet to issue licences to securities dealers: It was supposed to do so once the online trading system was launched on Nov 6, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 17/05/2019)

NEPSE snaps four-day winning run (rep 17/05/2019)

NEPSE extends winning streak to four straight days (rep 16/05/2019)

NEPSE extends gains, closes firmly above 1,300 points (rep 15/05/2019)

NEPSE ends in green for second consecutive day (rep 14/05/2019)

NEPSE ends choppy trading session in green (rep 13/05/2019)

Rise in short term investor activity  brings NEPSE down 2.43 points, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 12/05/2019), Benchmark index snaps six-week bullish trend (ht 12/05/2019)

NEPSE snaps six-week gaining streak with marginal loss (rep 11/05/2019)

Stocks close lower in lackluster trading (rep 10/05/2019)

Stocks unchanged as investors look past corporate earnings (rep 09/05/2019)

NEPSE hovers near 1,300 points (rep 08/05/2019)

NEPSE stretches losses for fourth straight day (rep 06/05/2019)

Stock market up 2.27 points on profit booking, investors gain Rs 2.81 billion, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 05/05/2019), NEPSE in correction phase, up 2.27 points (rep 05/05/2019)

NEPSE extends correction to second day (rep 01/05/2019)

NEPSE above 1,300 points (rep 29/04/2019)

Investors buoyed by strong Q3 reports  of listed firms, NEPSE up 59.81 points, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 28/04/2019), Nepse index surges by 4.85 pc (ht 28/04/2019)

NEPSE single day transaction tops Rs1 billion (kp 22/04/2019), Secondary market up by 31.89 points (ht 22/04/2019)

Rasuwagadhi, Sanjen hydropower companies float primary shares worth Rs 1.57 billion (rep 20/04/2019)

Stocks advance for fourth straight week (rep 20/04/2019), Nepali New Year whets investors’ appetite, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 21/04/2019)

Stocks close firmly higher stretching New Year gains (rep 17/04/2019)

Stocks begin year in green (rep 16/04/2019)

Stocks advance for three straight weeks (rep 13/04/2019), Bullish trend continues at Nepse, rises 18.82 points (ht 14/04/2019), New Year rush brings NEPSE up 18.82pts, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/04/2019)

NEPSE ends year on a flat note (rep 12/04/2019)

NEPSE posts modest gains (rep 11/04/2019)

Stocks gives ground amid broad correction (rep 10/04/2019)

Insurance shares rise as NEPSE extends gains (rep 09/04/2019)

NEPSE index in upward trend, up 20.67 points (ht 07/04/2019)

Secondary bond market trading absent: Lack of interest among brokers due to the low commission on bond transactions has affected trading of debt instruments, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 06/04/2019)

NEPSE ends the week flat (rep 05/04/2019)

NEPSE closes higher after volatile trading session (rep 04/04/2019)

NEPSE stretches winning run (rep 03/04/2019)

Shares of only 31 listed companies eligible for margin trading from stockbrokers (rep 01/04/2019)

NEPSE inches lower amid indecision in the bourse (rep 01/04/2019)

Trade settlement period to be shortened to one day: The shorter settlement period could help boost the share market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 28/03/2019)

NEPSE’s two-week winning streak ends on transaction downfall, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 24/03/2019)

NEPSE retraces erasing previous day's gains (rep 19/03/2019)

Stocks close higher for second straight day (rep 18/03/2019)

Stocks post gains for second week in a row (rep 16/03/2019), Nepal Stock Exchange surges 27.69 points, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 17/03/2019)

Bourse working to facilitate settlement of online trades, by Rajesh Khanal 8kp 12/03/2019)

Nepse surges 22.24 points as banks start to reduce interest rate on loan, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 10/03/2019)

Stock brokerage firms lose interest in margin trading, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 08/03/2019)

Brokers demand to be allowed to diversify into other services, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 07/03/2019)

Stock investors less than impressed with government policies; NEPSE down 7.54pts, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 03/03/2019)

Software glitches continue to plague online system: Stock investors have been facing problems since the system was launched four months ago, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 02/03/2019)

NEPSE inches lower in the week after failed recovery attempt (rep 02/03/2019)

Diagnosing the bearish NEPSE: Why is NEPSE witnessing a bearish trend despite a stable state promoting a business friendly environment?, by Jagadish Prasad Bist (kp 28/02/2019)

Stockbrokers threaten to protest (ht 26/02/2019)

Nepal Stock Exchange rebounds after index dips to 1,100 points (rep 26/02/2019)

NEPSE starts week on a negative note (rep 25/02/2019)

Central Bank fails to bolster market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 24/02/2019), Secondary market breaks losing streak (ht 24/02/2019)

NEPSE takes a breather following four weeks of losses (rep 23/02/2019)

Broad rally helps NEPSE snap losing streak (rep 20/02/2019)

Share market: Is this the right time to enter?, by Ananda Kumar Bhattarai (ht 19/02/2019)

NEPSE stretches losses for third sraight day (rep 19/02/2019)

NEPSE opens week in red (rep 18/01/2019)

Stocks fall to three-year low, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 18/02/2019)

Secondary market still stuck in the doldrums (ht 17/02/2019)

NEPSE tumbles for four weeks in a row (rep 16/02/20219)

NEPSE stoops to three-year low (rep 15/02/2019)

Govt to allot hydel shares worth Rs 102.28bn to public, by Umesh Poudel (ht 14/02/2019)

Stocks stretch losing run (rep 14/02/2019)

Turnover falls below Rs 200m as NEPSE closes flat (rep 13/02/2019)

NEPSE snaps losing streak, ekes out marginal gains (rep 12/02/2019)

NEPSE sheds 22.06pts as investors wait for high interest rates to fall, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 10/02/2019), Liquidity crunch dampens share investors’ sentiment (ht 10/02/2019)

Securities Board allows brokerage firms to give margin loans, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 06/02/2019)

SEBON grants initial approval to 8 brokerage firms to open branches in 5 districts: All province capitals to have stock broker presence for share trading (rep 05/02/2019)

Stocks extend losing run (rep 05/02/2019)

Stocks tumble further despite upbeat Q2 earning reports (04/02/2019)

Ongoing glitches with online trading system sink NEPSE, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 03/02/2019), Secondary market yet to recover from bearish trend (ht 03/02/2019)

NEPSE removes PAN provision for share investors (ht 02/02/2019)

SEBON paves way for stock brokers to provide margin lending services (rep 02/02/2019)

NEPSE registers lower volume despite positive earnings stance (rep 02/02/2019)

Stocks turn positive after choppy session (rep 01/02/2019)

Tougher action planned against insider trading, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 31/01/2019)

Nepse continues its sluggish run (rep 31/01/2019)

Stockbrokers rush to expand branches: The scramble follows government’s indication to issue brokering licence to commercial banks, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 29/01/2019)

Market closes firmly lower (rep 28/01/2019)

NEPSE index sheds 1.26 points, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 27/01/2019)

Secondary market dips by 14.99 points (ht 27/01/2019)

Nepal Stock Exchange bows to investor groups, plans to defer PAN requirement (rep 26/01/2019)

NEPSE posts weekly losses, erasing two week advances (rep 26/01/2019)

Stocks close flat in lackluster trading (rep 25/01/2019)

NEPSE closes higher for second straight day (rep 24/01/2019)

NEPSE ends flat as stocks take a breather (rep 23/01/2019)

NEPSE extends losing streak to Day 4 (rep 22/01/2019)

Troubled capital market: The authorities should have let the stock market self-correct and fall back to its natural state, by Chandan Sapkota (kp 21/01/2019)

NEPSE begins week in red (rep 21/01/2019)

Short term investors boost NEPSE (kp 20/01/2019)

Stocks close the week slightly higher (rep 19/01/2019)

Nepse ends 8 points lower (rep 17/01/2019)

Trades in Upper Tamakoshi shares cancelled after surge, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 15/01/2019)

NEPSE posts marginal gain of 1.97pts, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 13/01/2019)

NEPSE marginally up for 2nd straight session (rep 11/01/2018)

NEPSE posts modest gain as range bound trading continues (rep 10/01/2019)

NEPSE ends the day unchanged (rep 09/01/2019)

Broad rally helps NEPSE snap losing streak (rep 08/01/2019)

Stocks post losses for seventh consecutive session (rep 07/01/2019)

High interest rates sink NEPSE again, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 06/01/2019), NEPSE  index descends by 37.15 points (ht 06/01/2019)

NEPSE snaps three-week gaining streak (rep 05/01/2019)

Stocks extend losing run to six sessions (rep 01/04/2019)

NEPSE inches down in low volume trading session (rep 03/01/2019)

Issue managers fined for breaking investment rules, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 03/01/2019), NEPSE told to provide recommendation to banks for stock broker license: Half a dozen directives issued by Sebon aimed at implementing MoF committee report (rep 03/01/2019)

NEPSE closes flat on New Year's Day (rep 02/01/2019)

Four fund managers face the music for breaching deposit limit: Decision likely to drive mutual fund to invest in volatile stock market (rep 01/01/2019)

Stocks end turbulent year in the red (rep 01/01/2019)

NEPSE gains steam, up 49.22 points, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 30/12/2018), Secondary market finally on a ‘bull’ run (ht 30/12/2018)

Stocks extend rally for third straight week (rep 29/12/2018)

NEPSE single-day transactions surge to new high (kp 28/12/2018)

Central Bank’s new provision brings cheer to investors: Moves include allowing banks to issue loan of up to 65 percent on the valuation of shares and considering right shares and bonus shares as collateral, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 27/12/2018)

Turnover shrinks as NEPSE falls for second straight day (rep 26/12/2018), Business confidence of investors at its nadir: Foreign direct investment down 50 per cent in the first quadrimester of the current fiscal, by Sujan Dhungana (ht 26/12/2018)

Stocks ease after previous day rally (rep 25/12/2018)

Stocks rally on interest rate optimism (rep 24/12/2018)

Local bourse witnesses gain on positive cues (ht 23/12/2018)

Stocks up for two consecutive weeks (rep 22/12/2018)

Market caps week with modest gain (rep 21/12/2018)

Stocks drop for second straight day (rep 20/12/2018)

NEPSE snaps four-day winning run (rep 19/12/2018)

NEPSE extends winning run to fourth day (rep 18/12/2018)

Government panel to submit report on capital market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 17/12/2018)

NEPSE gains for third straight day (rep 17/12/2018)

Hunger strike partly boosts NEPSE: A group of investors started a hunger strike, demanding the  government to address problems in the sector. Stockbrokers attributed this action to boosting the confidence of investors (kp 16/12/2018)

Stocks snap four-week losing streak (rep 15/12/2018)

NEPSE ends week on positive note (rep 14/12/2018)

NEPSE unchanged in choppy trading (rep 13/12/2018)

Finance Ministry to create team to study stock market, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 12/12/2018)

NEPSE closes higher for second straight day (rep 11/12/2018)

Individual stock investors allowed to trade online, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 10/12/2018)

Share investors stage protest at Nepse, submit 10-point demand (ht 10/12/2018)

NEPSE begins the week in green (rep 10/12/2018)

‘Interest rate war’ sinks NEPSE, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 09/12/2018)

Sebon to issue licences to securities dealers, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 08/12/2018)

Stocks extend losses as NEPSE sheds 100 points in 4 weeks (rep 08/12/2018)

Sebon to open gates to new brokerage firms, by Rajesh KHanal (kp 06/12/2018)

NEPSE drops to 52-week low (rep 06/12/2018)

NEPSE snaps three-day losing run (rep 04/12/2018)

NEPSE sinks to new low: Rigid government policies, higher interest rates and liquidity crunch are scaring off investors, by Rajesh KHanal (kp 03/12/2018), Bearish streak persists as NEPSE hits 3-year low (rep 03/12/2018), NEPSE index plunges 17.47 points (ht 03/12/2018)

NEPSE extends losses to third straight week (rep 01/12/2018), NEPSE plunges to three-year low, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 02/12/2018)

NEPSE at 52-week low of 1,149 points (rep 30/11/2018)

NEPSE fails to add to previous gains, posts a marginal decline (rep 29/11/2018)

NEPSE ends slightly higher after 3-day losing streak (rep 28/11/2018)

Stocks extend losses as NEPSE makes new 52-week low (rep 27/11/2018)

NEPSE’s automated system irks investors (ht 27/11/2018)

NEPSE closes firmly lower to start week (rep 26/11/2018)

System dampens investor confidence: The NEPSE Online Trading System got off to a sputtering start with software glitches and affected daily transactions, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 18/11/2018)

Stocks end week with a modest drop (rep 16/11/2018), NEPSE ends week lower despite positive earnings outlook (rep 17/11/2018)

Stocks unchanged in choppy trading (rep 15/11/2018)

NEPSE back to winning ways (rep 14/11/2018)

Stocks decline as NEPSE slide continues (rep 13/11/2018)

Software glitch hits NEPSE trading for second day, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 12/11/2018), NEPSE's new online platform full of glitches, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 13/11/2018), Problems in Nepse’s online system upset traders (ht 15/11/2018)

NEPSE down 17 points (rep 12/11/2018)

NEPSE gains 12 points (rep 06/11/2018)

NEPSE  to launch online trading today (ht 06/11/2018), NEPSE Online Trading System goes live, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 07/11/2018)

Primary shares a hot ticket item, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 04/11/2018)

NEPSE unchanged after choppy session (rep 02/11/2018)

Application for Upper Tamakoshi shares for general public opens today: One must apply for at least 50 units, while maximum limit is 1,000 units (rep 01/11/2018)

NEPSE fails to extend gains (rep 01/11/2018)

NEPSE makes a comeback after three-day losing streak (rep 31/10/2018)

Online share trading to go live next week: Investors will no more be required to visit brokerage firms’ offices to trade stock (kp 29/10/2018), NEPSE extends losses for third straight day (rep 30/10/2018)

Banking stocks pull NEPSE down (rep 29/10/2018)

NEPSE down 0.52pts after Dashain (kp 28/10/2018), Benchmark index edges down slightly (ht 28/10/2018)

Middle Bhotekoshi to issue 29.4m shares: The development cost has been revised upward to Rs14.84b from Rs12.28b due to time overruns (kp 27/10/2018)

NEPSE ends lower paring previous day’s gains (rep 27/10/2018)

NEPSE ends the week in red (rep 26/10/2018)

NEPSE returns to winning ways (rep 25/10/2018)

Nepse extends losses with a marginal decline (rep 24/10/2018)

21 firms apply to make IPOs worth Rs4.66b (kp 23/10/2018)

Stock market suspends share transaction of 48 companies (ht 22/10/2018)

NEPSE unchanged ahead of Dashain holidays (rep 16/10/2018)

Stocks start week on a positive note (rep 15/10/2018)

NEPSE index inches up 0.91 points (kp 14/10/2018), Secondary market increases slightly (ht 14/10/2018)

NEPSE ends flat in lackluster trading (rep 11/10/2018)

Market activity drops as NEPSE fails to extend gains (rep 10/10/2018)

NEPSE plunges nearly 40 points: With a dip in the market index, the average value of the shares listed in the stock market also fell by Rs47.42 billion, as market capitalisation declined to Rs1,461.90 billion from Rs1,509.32 billion (kp 07/10/2018)

Stocks up for a fifth straight week (rep 29/09/2018), Nepse index posts double digit gain (kp 30/09/2018)

Nepse ends week on a negative note (rep 28/09/2018)

Stocks ease after a day of big rally (rep 27/09/2018)

NEPSE surges as turnover cross Rs. 1 billion mark (rep 26/09/2018)

NEPSE posts gains for four consecutive weeks (rep 22/09/2018), NEPSE index rises by 10.23 points (kp 23/09/2018), Benchmark index in positive territory (ht 23/09/2018)

Stocks fluctuate before closing marginally lower (rep 21/09/2018)

NEPSE posts modest gain on volatile day (rep 19/09/2018)

NEPSE launches mock online trading system: Currently, share investors have access to a semi-automated system (kp 18/09/2018), Online share-trading system to go live in two months: Mock trading of Nepse Online Trading System begins (rep 18/09/2018)

NEPSE unchanged after four-day gaining streak (rep 18/09/2018)

Poor households borrowing, selling assets to buy shares (kp 18/09/2018)

NEPSE stretches winning streak to four days (rep 17/09/2018)

NEPSE posts gain of 15.07 points (kp 16/09/2018), Easy accessibility of margin loans props up secondary market (rep 16/09/2018)

NEPSE climbs for three straight weeks (rep 15/09/2018)

NEPSE snaps 3-day losing run, gains 7 points (rep 12/09/2018)

NEPSE closes lower for second straight day (rep 11/09/2018)

NEPSE fails to start online trading (ht 10/09/2018), Hitch delays launch of online trading system (kp 11/09/2018)

NEPSE closes week on a firmly higher note (rep 08/09/2018), Investors flock to NEPSE, up 48.08pts (kp 09/09/2018), Investor optimism lifts local bourse (ht 09/09/2018)

NEPSE rebound stalls after volatile trading (rep 07/09/2018)

NEPSE posts solid gains, rises for fifth straight day (rep 06/09/2018)

NEPSE continues gaining streak (rep 05/09/2018)

The bulls and the bears: The wildly fluctuating Nepse index does not give a correct picture of the economy, by Ramesh Ghimire (kp 04/09/2018)

Stocks post strong gains amid improved market activity (rep 04/09/2018)

NEPSE starts week with moderate gains (rep 03/09/2018)

NEPSE posts weekly gain as stocks try to stabilize (rep 01/09/2018), NEPSE sees marginal gain of 3.19pts (kp 02/09/2018)

NEPSE closes week on a positive note (rep 31/08/2018)

NEPSE ends lower after failed rebound attempt (rep 30/08/2018)

NEPSE snaps six-day losing streak (rep 29/08/2018)

Let short-selling begin: Shorting injects much needed balance into the markets now that margin trading is allowed, by Paban Ran Pandey (kp 27/08/2018)

NEPSE begins week on a negative note (rep 27/08/2018)

NEPSE posts weekly loss as earning spell subsides (rep 25/08/2018), Investors spooked by bearish trend (kp 26/08/2018), NEPSE in bearish trend (ht 26/08/2018)

Stock rout continues despite increased activity (rep 24/08/2018)

NEPSE extends losing run (rep 23/08/2018)

Stocks continue to falter (rep 22/08/2018)

NEPSE in red for second straight day (rep 21/08/2018)

NEPSE posts weekly gains as investors shift focus to earnings (rep 18/08/2018), Investors flock to Nepse, up 29.69pts (kp 19/08/2018)

NEPSE takes a breather after three straight days of gains (rep 17/08/2018)

NEPSE surges on upbeat earning reports (rep 16/08/2018)

Stocks gain for second straight day (rep 15/08/2018)

Sebon approves new listing, annual fees for NEPSE (rep 14/08/2018)

NEPSE snaps seven-day losing run (rep 14/08/2018)

Bearish spell continues as Nepse hits 2-year low (rep 13/08/2018)

Weekly volume slumps as stocks decline (rep 11/08/2018), NEPSE posts loss of 10.68 points (kp 12/08/2018)

Stocks fall for sixth consecutive session (rep 10/08/2018)

Daily transaction slips below Rs150m mark: According to stockbrokers, the stock market is sluggish because there are no immediate prospects of bonus and rights issues (kp 09/08/2018), Stocks continue to fall in dull trade (rep 09/08/2018)

NEPSE down for fourth straight day (rep 08/08/2018)

NEPSE begins week with a modest dip (rep 06/08/2018)

SEBON approves IPO worth Rs 21b of 21 companies in FY2017/18 (rep 05/08/2018)

Stocks continue to waver around flat line (rep 03/08/2018), Stocks close flat amid quiet trading week (rep 04/08/2018), NEPSE posts minuscule gain of 0.11pts (kp 05/08/2018)

Stocks eke out meager gain (rep 02/08/2018)

Investors to be allowed to pay in instalments, by Bibek Subedi (kp 01/08/2018)

Central bank gives green signal to margin trading (kp 01/08/2018)

Bearish spell continues in NEPSE (rep 01/08/2018)

Stocks close flat despite improved market activity (rep 31/07/2018)

Know your company: Insider trading and secondary markets—when the cat is away, the mice will play, by Paban Raj Pandey (kp 30/07/2018)

NEPSE begins week with marginal gains (rep 30/07/2018)

NEPSE posts modest weekly loss as consolidation continues (rep 27/07/2018), High interest rates drags NEPSE down (kp 29/07/2018), Secondary bourse in downward trend (ht 29/07/2018)

NEPSE sees modest drop (rep 27/07/2018)

Stocks falter in low turnover session (rep 26/07/2018)

Shares worth Rs78.59 billion listed on NEPSE (kp 25/07/2018)

NEPSE closes higher for second consecutive day (rep 25/07/2018)

Stocks end in green after four straight losing sessions (rep 24/07/2018)

Bearish spell continues amid lackluster trading (rep 23/07/2018)

NEPSE closes week nearly flat despite initial surge (rep 21/07/2018), NEPSE posts marginal gain of 1.41pts (kp 22/07/2018)

NEPSE falls for third straight day (rep 20/07/2018)

Trading halted for two hours on NEPSE: Problem comes just a day after the fully automated online trading system went live (kp 19/07/2018)

Stocks struggle in lackluster session (rep 19/07/2018)

NEPSE begins new fiscal year on a weak note (rep 18/07/2018)

Nepal Stock Exchange goes fully online today, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 17/07/2018), NEPSE rolls out online trading system: Orders can be placed online once new system begins full-fledged operation within two months (rep 18/07/2018)

Nepal Stock Exchange ends fiscal year on a high (rep 17/07/2018)

NEPSE directed to conduct biennial system audit: A system audit is the assessment of the information technology based management system that could help evaluate and improve the effectiveness of a system (kp 16/07/2018)

Public shares to be listed immediately after allotment (rep 14/07/2018)

NEPSE ends week lower despite increased market activity (rep 14/07/2018), Monetary policy drags NEPSE down: The sub-indices of all ten trading groups went down last week with insurance being the biggest loser (kp 15/07/2018)

NEPSE down as monetary policy fails to appease investors (rep 13/07/2018)

NRB tightens personal overdraft, resources to stock market, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 12/07/2018)

Stocks close flat amid monetary policy announcement (rep 12/07/2018)

NEPSE ends flat after paring early gains (rep 11/07/2018)

SEBON to launch ‘One Nepali, One Demat Account’ campaign (rep 10/07/2018), SEBON mulling new rule to stop insider trading: Insider trading refers to the buying or selling of securities by someone who has information that is not available to the public (kp 11/07/2018)

Stocks on losing spree (rep 10/07/2018)

Stocks end flat in volatile trading session (rep 09/07/2018)

NEPSE jumps 25pts to close at 1,224 (kp 08/07/2018)

NEPSE to test software before going online (kp 03/07/2018)

NEPSE edges lower as stocks fail to hold gains (rep 03/07/2018)

Reinsurance firm to issue IPO worth Rs1.28 billion (kp 02/07/2018)

Selling pressure hits secondary market (ht 02/07/2018), NEPSE kicks off week with loss (rep 02/07/2018)

NEPSE struggles to hold gains in lackluster session (rep 29/06/2018), Stocks drift lower in lackluster trading week (rep 30/06/2018), NEPSE stumbles by nearly 20 points (kp 01/07/2018), Credit crunch, unclear policies dampen mood (ht 01/07/2018)

Rs174b wiped out from NEPSE market value (kp 28/06/2018)

NEPSE recovers slightly after two days of loss (rep 28/06/2018)

Upper Tamakoshi makes IPO worth Rs1.05 billion (kp 27/06/2018)

NEPSE wipes out two-day gains (rep 26/06/2018), NEPSE below 1,200 points as stocks extend losses (rep 27/06/2018)

NEPSE begins week with a modest gain (rep 25/06/2018)

Automated online trading system from July 17: Brokerage firms do not seem fully prepared (rep 24/06/2018)

NEPSE posts weekly decline as stocks fail to hold ground (rep 23/06/2018), NEPSE  index plunges 28.84 points (kp 24/06/2018), Benchmark index plunges by 2.31 per cent (ht 24/06/2018)

NEPSE ends flat in sluggish session (rep 22/06/2018)

Stocks fall despite increased market activity (rep 21/06/2018)

NEPSE sheds 9 points (rep 20/06/2018)

NEPSE marginally up amid low turnover session (rep 19/06/2018)

NEPSE ends week with gains (rep 15/06/2018). NEPSE index posts gain of 15.66pts: Despite the rise in the market index, the average value of shares listed on Nepse declined by Rs240.18 billion (kp 17/06/2018), NEPSE ends lackluster session in the red (rep 18/06/2018)

NEPSE finishes 2.81 points higher after choppy trading day (rep 14/06/2018)

NEPSE down marginally (rep 13/06/2018)

Stocks witness correction after two days of loss (rep 12/06/2018)

Uncertainty on CGT calculation hits stock market (ht 11/06/2018), NEPSE continues losing run to end 25 points down (rep 11/06/2018)

Govt mulling policies to stabilise NEPSE (kp 09/06/2018)

NEPSE back to losing ways (rep 08/06/2018), NEPSE plunges amid stand off between govt and investors (rep 09/06/2018), Boycott plunges NEPSE by 50.29pts (kp 10/06/2018), CGT dispute weighs on benchmark index (ht 10/06/2018)

Govt rolls back decision to hike CGT threshold: NEPSE jumps 13.91 points following the move (kp 07/06/2018), Share trading resumes: Revision of CGT calculation method suspended for two weeks (ht 07/06/2018), Bearish move: Stock tading halt should serve as a lesson to govt to take stock of all aspects before imposing new rules for the secondary market (ht 07/06/2018)

Hike in capital gains tax plunges NEPSE by 33.71pts (kp 04/06/2018), Stock traders protest against new tax rates (kp 05/06/2018), Protesting stock investors call brokerage firms to halt share trading (ht 05/06/2018), Brokers boycott trading on NEPSE for whole day, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 06/06/2018)

NEPSE slides further (rep 01/06/2018), NEPSE index falls by 10.56 points: Capital gains tax hike downs Nepal’s only secondary market (kp 03/06/2018), NEPSE index sheds 10.56 points (ht 03/06/2018)

NEPSE index slides by 21.43 points (kp 27/05/2018), NEPSE index remains southbound (ht 27/05/2018)

NEPSE ends slightly lower as govt unveils policy and programs, by Akash Shrestha (rep 22/05/2018)

NEPSE index posts loss of 0.65pc (kp 20/05/2018), Benchmark index marginally down (ht 20/05/2018)

Margin trading system gets SEBON approval (kp 19/05/2018)

NEPSE loses 17.7pts to close at 1,348 (kp 13/05/2018)

Capital Market Expo slated to open today (kp 09/05/2018)

Small investors boost NEPSE (kp 06/05/2018)

NEPSE benchmark index slumps 81 points (rep 28/04/2018), NEPSE index plunges by over 31pts (kp 29/04/2018), NEPSE down by 31.09 points (ht 29/04/2018)

Why NEPSE fell: Fundamental principles of economics do not apply in Nepali capital market. Is there different dynamics playing out behind the scene? Perhaps, by Raj Kumar KC (rep 26/04/2018)

NEPSE to allow transfer of stock purchase right (kp 25/04/2018)

NEPSE crosses 1,400-point threshold (ht 23/04/2018)

NEPSE benchmark index bounces back 108 points (rep 21/04/2018), NEPSE surges by over 110 points (kp 22/04/2018), Benchmark index up by over 110 points (ht 22/04/2018)

Benchmark index at nearly two-month-high (ht 19/04/2018)

16,000 new investors boost NEPSE (kp 15/04/2018), Benchmark index sees gain of 2.17pc (ht 15/04/2018), Nepse index falls 17 points after two weeks of gains (rep 15/04/2018)

Online system to make life easier for share traders: Traders will have to obtain their login identification and password from their brokerage firm in order to use the online platform (kp 14/04/2018), NEPSE commences online trading (kp 16/04/2018)

SEBON to roll out anti-money laundering notice (kp 13/04/2018)

Hydro firms found issuing IPO without Sebon approval: The Securities Act 2007 empowers Sebon to regulate and systematise the issue, transfer, sale and exchange of registered securities (kp 12/04/2018)

Insider trading: The regulator does not seem to have taken adequate action to prevent such scams, by Dwaipayan Regmi (kp 10/04/2018)

NEPSE benchmark index recovers 54 points (rep 07/04/2018), NEPSE ends losing streak, up 30.1pts (kp 08/04/2018), NEPSE snaps six-week losing streak (ht 08/04/2018)

18 firms await SEBON's nod to float shares worth Rs 4.33 billion (rep 03/04/2018)

NEPSE index tumbles by 24.05 points (ht 02/04/2018)

Investors upbeat despite NEPSE fall (kp 01/04/2018), NEPSE limits weekly loss to 0.01 per cent (ht 01/04/2018). NEPSE recovers 52 points in volatile trading week (rep 01/04/2018)

Benchmark index rebounds by 39.16 pts (ht 28/03/2018)

NEPSE drops below 1200 pts (kp 27/03/2018), Bank interest, minister statement blamed for new low in NEPSE, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 27/03/2018)

NEPSE nosedives as investors flee (kp 25/03/2018), NEPSE goes on a free fall to nearly 26-month low (ht 25/03/2018), NEPSE down 59 points (rep 25/03/2018

SEBON, FinMin in talks to cut taxes on shares (kp 23/03/2018)

Domestic stock market plunges to two-year low (ht 22/03/2018)

NEPSE falls for 4th straight week (kp 18/03/2018). NEPSE retreats below 1,300-point threshold (ht 18/03/2018), NEPSE: recovers 4 points amid hopes of white paper (rep 18/03/2018)

NEPSE dropped over 30 points last week: The market that opened at 1,345.99 points on Sunday shed 41.56 points to close at 1,304.43 points (kp 11/03/2018), NEPSE tumbles as spooked share investors resort to panic selling (ht 11/03/2018)

NEPSE hits 1-year low, down 40.99pts (kp 04/03/2018), NEPSE index plunges nearly 3pc to below 1,350 points (ht 04/03/2018), Stocks in freefall as NEPSE tanks 42 points (rep 05/03/2018), Stocks plunge continues as NEPSE drops to 13-month low (rep 06/03/2018)

Butwal Power Company's FPO under-subscribed (rep 01/03/2018)

NEPSE posts dire week, down 37.97pts (kp 25/02/2018), NEPSE drops 2.66pc as stock investors in wait-and-see mode (ht 25/02/2018)

C-ASBA allows investors to buy shares online (kp 24/02/2018)

NEPSE to divide firms into four categories, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 22/02/2018)

IFC to release rupee bonds worth $500m, by Bibek Subedi (kp 16/02/2018)

NEPSE rebounds 36 points as Oli returns to power (rep 16/02/2018), NEPSE in buoyant mood, up 33.92pts (kp 18/02/2018), Formation of new govt fuels optimism (ht 18/02/2018), NEPSE rallies 40 points with formation of new government (rep 18/02/2018)

Sebon issues directives on good governance (kp 10/02/2018)

NEPSE falls 19 points owing to high interest rates (rep 10/02/2018), NEPSE ends week down 20.49 points (kp 11/02/2018)

2 hydropower firms to launch Rs2.51b IPO (kp 08/02/2018)

NEPSE posts slight growth, up 5.57pts (kp 04/02/2018)

NRNA seeks SEBON nod to issue NRN bond (ht 31/01/2018)

NEPSE benchmark index inches up 2 points (rep 27/01/2018), NEPSE index posts loss of 1.99 points: The biggest loser during the week was the insurance  sector shedding 77.14 points,  or 1.1 percent, over the week (kp 28/01/2018), NEPSE index witnesses minor drop (ht 28/01/2018)

SEBON seeks more time for C-ASBA (ht 25/01/2018)

SEBON slaps Rs75,000 fine on brokerage firm (kp 22/01/2018)

Stocks again on free fall as lendable funds shortage worsens (rep 20/01/2018), NEPSE posts loss of 24.58 points: All ten trading groups observed a downward movement in their indices last week (kp 21/01/2018), NEPSE index down by 33.77 points (ht 21/01/2018)

SEBON seeks annual, financial reports (ht 15/01/2018)

NEPSE sees strong growth, up 16.46pts (kp 14/01/2018), Insurance subgroup leads market rally (ht 14/01/2018), Stock rally continues as NEPSE goes up 8 points (rep 14/01/2018)

3 brokerage firms fined Rs1m each (kp 10/01/2018)

NEPSE breaks losing streak of three weeks (rep 06/01/2018), NEPSE kicks off 2018 with 9.05pt gain (kp 07/01/2018), Benchmark index snaps four-week losing streak (ht 07/01/2018)

NEPSE ushers in 2018 on a buoyant note (ht 02/01/2018)

SEBON directs hydel companies to disclose financial details before issuing IPO (ht 02/01/2018)

NEPSE ends year down 28.6 points (kp 31/12/2017), Secondary market ends the year in red zone (ht 31/12/2017), NEPSE dips below 1,400 points after nine months (ht 01/01/2018)

NEPSE plunges to nine-month low (rep 28/12/2017)

Rising interest rate, political deadlock sends NEPSE down by 37 points (rep 23/12/2017), NEPSE nosedives nearly 50 points (kp 24/12/2017), Share market plunges to one-month low (ht 24/12/2017)

NEPSE yet to prepare working procedure for margin trading facility (rep 19/12/2017)

NEPSE falls 10 points as left alliance emerges victorious (rep 16/12/2017), NEPSE ends week 16.39 points lower (kp 17/12/2017), Internal wrangling weighs on investor sentiment (ht 17/12/2017)

Are election results dampening share investors’ sentiment?, by Sabin Mishra (ht 13/12/2017)

Insurers to issue shares (kp 11/12/2017)

NEPSE index posts loss of 1.13pts (kp 10/12/2017), NEPSE dips ahead of phase II elections (ht 10/12/2017)

NRB to offload stake from NEPSE (ht 08/12/2017)

NEPSE expedites procedures to begin margin lending (ht 05/12/2017)

NEPSE surges by nearly 45 points (kp 03/12/2017), Election optimism fuels secondary market (ht 03/12/2017)

NEPSE ends week 4.23pts higher (kp 26/11/2017), NEPSE slightly up as election nears (ht 26/11/2017)

Care Rating Nepal gets SEBON’s nod (kp 23/11/2017)

SEBON looks to limit merchant bankers role (kp 20/11/2017)

NEPSE ends week 28.33 pts higher (kp 19/11/2017)

NEPSE nosedives, down 30.91pts (kp 05/11/2017), Q1 results of BFIs hit local bourse (ht 05/11/2017)

20 companies preparing to issue shares worth Rs3.5b (kp 30/10/2017)

NEPSE index plunges 14.63 points (kp 29/10/2017), Secondary market drops slightly (ht 29/10/2017)

Modernisation of secondary market faces delays (ht 27/10/2017)

NEPSE to separate microfinance and development banks sub-indices (ht 25/10/2017)

Dwindling NEPSE Index: Left Alliance Not To Be Blamed, by Raj Kumar KC (rn 24/10/2017)

NEPSE suspends trading in shares of 26 firms (kp 19/10/2017)

Brokerage firms to be allowed to provide margin trading service, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 18/10/2017)

NEPSE rebounds 47 points as election preparation buoys investors (rep 17/10/2017)

NEPSE in Dashain hangover, down 32.63 points (kp 15/10/2017), Investor sentiment takes a hit (ht 15/10/2017)

Share investors submit 13-point demands to SEBON (kp 13/10/2017), Investors seek implementation of fully automated trading system at NEPSE (ht 13/10/2017)

NEPSE in a free fall as investors grow wary of ‘left alliance’ (rep 10/10/2017)

NEPSE plunges 37.38pts to 1,542.65 (kp 08/10/2017), Secondary market drops slightly (ht 08/10/2017)

Rights issue of 18 companies in the pipeline (rep 08/10/2017)

NEPSE up 6.89pts as market reopens (kp 04/10/2017)

SEBON probes BFIs for delayed share issue (kp 27/09/2017)

12 cos to issue rights shares worth Rs5.71b (kp 25/09/2017)

NEPSE posts marginal growth, up 9.5 points (kp 24/09/2017), Benchmark index edges up slightly (ht 24/09/2017)

NEPSE to miss Nov deadline to introduce online trading (kp 18/09/2017)

NEPSE: ends week 24.24pts lower (kp 17/09/2017), Investor speculations cause share market volatility (ht 17/09/2017)

NEPSE plunges 21 points as investors offload shares (rep 13/09/2017)

Stock market to adjust share price on cash dividend of over 10 per cent (ht 12/09/2017)

NEPSE falls flat, down 25.48pts (kp 10/09/2017), Excess supply exerts pressure on country’s sole secondary market (ht 10/09/2017), NEPSE remains stable despite PAN card ‘panic’ (rep 10/09/2017), Stock market descends by 2.24 per cent (ht 11/09/2017)

50 real sector companies vie for NEPSE listing (kp 07/09/2017)

Rights share issuance jumped 400 per cent in last fiscal year (ht 06/09/2017)

Daily turnover at NEPSE up 10 times in five years, by Sabin Mishra (ht 05/09/2017)

Stock market sheds 25.47 points (ht 05/09/2017)

NEPSE falls flat, down 37.78 points (kp 03/09/2017), Stock market sheds over two per cent (ht 03/09/2017)

PAN must for share trading from next fiscal (ht 03/09/2017)

SEBON to open second bourse despite protests (kp 01/09/2017)

NEPSE suffers double-digit fall (kp 27/08/2017), Stock market sheds 0.73pc (ht 27/08/2017)

SEBON mulls enforcing separate regulation (kp 22/08/2017)

NEPSE sinks 23.78pts as floods hit (kp 20/08/2017), Benchmark index sheds 1.44 per cent (ht 20/08/2017)

NEPSE  slips marginally at 0.42pc (kp 13/08/2017), Secondary market slightly down (ht 13/08/2017)

NEPSE gains steam, up 14.05 points (kp 06/08/2017), NEPSE index rebounds by 14 points (ht 06/08/2017)

SEBON issues code of conduct for BoDs (ht 05/08/2017)

MoF initiates process to select NEPSE GM, DCGF CEO (ht 02/08/2017)

NEPSE ends week 10.78 pts higher (kp 30/07/2017), Insurance, manufacturing buoy NEPSE index (ht 30/07/2017)

Six mutual funds set to issue schemes worth Rs6 billion (kp 28/07/2017)

Banking sector weighs on stock market (ht 25/07/2017)

NEPSE starts new fiscal year strong: Nepal Stock Exchange gained 53.08 points to close at 1,635.75 points in a week where Rs4.73b was transacted (kp 23/07/2017), NEPSE rebounds at start of new fiscal (ht 23/07/2017)

19 companies await Sebon nod to launch rights issue (rep 23/07/2017)

NEPSE index surges over two per cent (ht 19/07/2017)

NEPSE bounces back above 1,600 points (ht 18/07/2017), NEPSE jumps 21 points amid rise in govt spending (rep 18/07/2017)

Govt fails to impose VAT on stockbrokers (kp 17/07/2017)

NEPSE sees marginal gain of 0.56 pts (kp 16/07/2017), NEPSE ends 2016-17 in green territory (ht 16/07/2017)

Average daily turnover in NEPSE shoots up 26% (rep 13/07/2017)

NEPSE posts gain of 18.3 points (kp 09/07/2017), NEPSE rebounds by 18 points (ht 09/07/2017)

Fully-automated online trading system from mid-November (rep 06/07/2017), Nepal Stock Exchange to go fully automatic in Nov (kp 08/07/2017), NEPSE to be fully automated in November (ht 08/07/2017)

NEPSE down 4 points as investors eye rights issue (rep 01/07/2017), NEPSE records a gain of 4.32 points (kp 02/07/2017), Weekly turnover at stock market takes a hit (ht 02/07/2017), NEPSE loses 22 points (rep 03/07/2017)

Stock brokers halt trading in  protest of VAT (kp 30/06/2017), Stock transaction likely to resume on Sunday (kp 01/07/2017), Stockbrokers to resume trading on Sunday (kp 02/07/2017)

Shikhar Insurance plans FPO despite Sebon ban (kp 27/06/2017) [?]

NEPSE  plunges 30.1 points (kp 25/06/2017), Political uncertainty hits Nepse index (ht 25/06/2017)

Shares in Everest Insurance, National Hydro suspended (kp 21/06/2017)

Does the country need another stock exchange company?, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 19/06/2017)

NEPSE down marginally (rep 17/06/2017), NEPSE plunges nearly 26 points (kp 18/06/2017), Political uncertainty weighs on NEPSE (ht 18/06/2017)

Stock investors turn to banks for higher yields, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 13/06/2017)

Rs110.24b worth of new stocks listed on NEPSE (kp 12/06/2017)

NEPSE posts gain of 10.88pts (kp 11/06/2017), NEPSE snaps three weeks of losses (ht 11/06/2017)

Investors lose Rs9 billion in a single day as Nepse tumbles (kp 09/06/0217)

Stock market gives a thumbs up to NC-led govt: NEPSE index gains 34.72 points (rep 07/06/2017)

NEPSE plunges 25.27 points (kp 04/06/2017)

NEPSE plunges after budget statement (kp 31/05/2017), Stocks rebound on poll schedule (kp 01/06/2017)

NEPSE marginally up: Local polls fail to energize investors (rep 27/05/2017), NEPSE plunges 14.29 points: The average value of the shares listed in stock market also fell Rs16.63 billion, with market capitalisation dropping to Rs1,898.09 billion from Rs1,914.72 billion over the week (kp 28/05/2017), NEPSE drops for second consecutive week (ht 28/05/2018)

NRB plans issuing broker licences to banks (kp 23/05/2017)

SEBON bars Pragyan for insider trading (kp 22/05/2017)

NEPSE sheds 15 points as investors book profits (rep 20/05/2017), NEPSE plunges nearly 15 points (kp 21/04/2017), NEPSE  reverses past week’s gain (ht 21/05/2017)

Share allotment process to be shortened to 20 days (kp 16/05/2017)

SEBON decides in principle to open new bourse (rep 16/05/2017)

Stock investors expect post-poll market rise (rep 15/05/2017)

SEBON mulls mandatory PAN for stock investors (kp 13/05/2017)

NEPSE up 30 points as country prepares for local level polls (rep 13/05/2017), NEPSE inches up marginally (kp 14/05/2017), Local election fever grips country’s secondary market (ht 14/05/2017)

Efficient capital market: Its mechanism, by Roshan Luitel (ht 09/05/2017)

Brokerage firms start operations from 18 cities (kp 04/05/2017)

4 hydropower companies apply to go public (kp 02/05/2017)

NEPSE plunges 23 points as uncertainty clouds local election (rep 29/04/2017), NEPSE records slender growth (kp 30/04/2017), NEPSE index sees mostly horizontal movement (ht 30/04/2017)

NEPSE plunges nearly 40 points (kp 23/04/2017), Political uncertainty weighs on NEPSE index (ht 23/04/2017)

NOC to issue public shares to raise capital (kp 17/04/2017)

Time for debt capital market: For effective management, by Adarsha Bazgain (ht 17/04/2017)

NEPSE gains 46.09 points (kp 16/04/2017), Stock market positive bidding adieu to 2073 BS (ht 16/04/2017)

NEPSE set to go fully online by mid-Oct (kp 15/04/2017)

NEPSE soars to five month high (kp 12/04/2017)

SEBON lowers registration fee for applications (kp 11/04/2017)

Nepal Stock Exchange up 63.4pts (kp 09/04/2017)

Insurance stocks fuel Nepse rally (ht 09/04/2017)

IPO of 11 companies in pipeline: SEBON (rep 05/04/2017)

Trading halt ordered twice as stocks soar (kp 04/04/2017)

Insurance stocks take off, NEPSE up 79.47 pts (kp 03/4/2017), Investors on buying spree send NEPSE up 79.47 points: Circuit breakers come on twice after stocks surge on Beema Samiti hiking of paid-up capital of insurers (rep 03/04/2017)

NEPSE surges 54 points in wild week (rep 01/04/2017), NEPSE bullish, gains 101.6 points (kp 02/04/2017), NEPSE index surges 6.84 per cent (ht 02/04/2017)

Stocks take off as local level polls look more likely (kp 29/03/2017), Transaction soars as investors book profits (kp 30/03/2017)

NEPSE jumps 48 points (rep 27/03/2017)

Brokerage firms branch out to six cities despite SEBON’s reservation (rep 27/03/2017)

NEPSE gains 128.7 points (kp 26/03/2017), NEPSE index surges nearly 10pc (ht 26/03/2017)

Decision to add more clearing banks buoys investors (rep 25/03/2017)

NEPSE rebounds 42 points as investors return to secondary market (rep 21/03/2017)

NEPSE gains 9.81 points (kp 19/03/2017), Benchmark index edges up 0.73pc (ht 19/03/2017)

Plan to start semi-online trading system in limbo (kp 18/03/2017)

Violence in Tarai unnerves investors; NEPSE sheds 7 points (rep 11/03/2017), NEPSE gains 18.12 points (kp 12/03/2017), Mid-week loss limits NEPSE’s gain (ht 12/03/2017)

SEBON instructs brokers to accept order via Internet (rep 11/03/2017)

13 companies slated to float 6.1 million shares (kp 09/03/2017)

SEBON to launch semi-online trading system soon (kp 07/03/2017)

NEPSE rebounds 16 points (rep 04/03/2017), NEPSE slips on profit booking (kp 05/03/2017), NEPSE index dips 0.6 per cent (ht 05/03/2017)

Nepal Rastra bank balks at issuing stockbroker licences (kp 02/03/2017)

NEPSE slips on profit booking (kp 26/02/2017), Selling pressure weighs on domestic bourse (kp 26/02/2017)

NEPSE jumps 47.62 points (kp 19/02/2017), Benchmark index rebounds (ht 19/02/2017)

NEPSE in free fall as margin calls from BFIs unnerve investors: Rs 48.19 billion wipe out from market compared to last trading day (rep 13/02/2017)

SEBON directs Nepal Life, Forward to wrap up stock allotment by February 24, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 11/02/2017)

NEPSE dips below 1,300 points as banks curb loans (kp 10/02/2017), NEPSE falls below 1,300-point mark: Shortage of loanable fund in banking system blamed (rep 11/02/2017), NEPSE dips on loan curbs (kp 12/02/2017), NEPSE plunges to nearly a year-low (ht 12/02/2017)

Small-volume trading on weekdays too (kp 04/02/2017)

NEPSE rebounds 73 points on volatile trading week (rep 04/02/2017), NEPSE inches up 73.1 points (ht 05/02/2017), NEPSE index snaps two weeks of losing streak (ht 05/02/2017)

Shares plunge on liquidity shortage, rising interest, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 31/01/2017), NEPSE falls 65.44 points (ht 31/01/2017), NEPSE dives 5 percent on first trading day: Liquidity crunch causes stock market rout, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 31/01/2017)

NEPSE on bearish trend as interest rates continue to rise (rep 28/01/2017), NEPSE plunges 5.97 percent (kp 29/01/2017)

ASBA interface formally comes into operation (kp 23/01/2017), Investors reluctant to adopt ASBA: While some say the procedure is confusing, others complain about high commission charged by banks, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 25/02/2017)

NEPSE dips 17.3 points: The insurance sub-index—down 78.37 points—was the biggest loser last week (kp 22/01/2017), Weekly turnover in NEPSE below Rs 2bn for second consecutive week (ht 22/01/2017)

Regulator to launch ASBA interface today (kp 14/01/2017)

NEPSE posts Rs115b turnover in first half (kp 14/01/2017), NEPSE up, but turnover falls as investors flock to primary market (rep 14/01/2017), NEPSE ends week 1.76pc higher (kp 15/01/2017), NEPSE edges up 1.77pc, turnover tepid (ht 15/01/2017)

Turnover dips as IPOs lure investors away (kp 10/01/2017)

Dispute between SEBON, NEPSE spreads confusion (kp 09/01/2017)

NEPSE begins 2017 on a cautious note (kp 08/01/2017), Secondary market welcomes 2017 in positive territory (ht 08/01/2017)

Turnover on NEPSE slips below Rs400m mark (kp 04/01/2017)

NEPSE can reflect real picture of economy only after real sector firms are listed, interview with Rewat Bahadur Karki (ht 02/01/2016)

NEPSE ends 2016 on a high note, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 01/01/2017), NEPSE sees buying pressure mid-week (ht 01/01/2017)

Regulator to allow firms going public to price shares, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 31/12/2016)

SEBON seeks input from pvt sector on new rules (ht 30/12/2016)

Tussle delays plan to introduce automated trading platform (kp 28/12/2016), Process to modernise secondary market delayed (ht 28/12/2016)

NEPSE falls to eight-month low on selling pressure (kp 27/12/2016)

Stock market sheds 54.65 points (kp 25/12/2016), NEPSE records third consecutive weekly drop (ht 25/12/2016)

SEBON makes life easier for IPO subscribers (kp 24/12/2016)

NEPSE to appoint two more clearing banks (kp 23/12/2016)

NEPSE ends week 14.62 pts down (kp 18/12/2016), NEPSE trading hit as investors wait and see (ht 18/12/2016)

Daily turnover at NEPSE dips by 50 percent, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 15/12/2016)

SEBON okays proposal of rating agency (ht 12/12/2016), Indian firm gets LoI to opearate credit rating agency (rep 12/12/2016)

NEPSE sheds 55.81pts last week (kp 11/12/2016), NEPSE index resumes downtrend, transaction plunges 43.63 per cent (ht 11/12/2016)

SEBON tells firms to make transparent funds raised from rights issuance, FPO: Move is aimed at boosting investorconfidence in real sector companies, including hydropower (kp 08/12/2016)

New rules for rights shares issuance (ht 08/12/2016)

Margin lending rumors lift NEPSE: Benchmark index gains 131 points this week (rep 03/12/2016), NEPSE snaps two-week fall (kp 04/12/2016), NEPSE index rebounds above 1,600 points (ht 04/12/2016)

NEPSE closes at 10-day high of 1608.33 points (kp 01/12/2016), Benchmark index rebounds to cross 1,600 points (ht 01/12/2016)

Govt amends securities regulation (ht 30/11/2016)

NEPSE bounces back to close at 1,510.16 points (kp 29/11/2016), NEPSE rallies 41 points after wild volatility (rep 29/11/2016)

NEPSE dives as retail investors take flight (kp 28/11/2016), Stock rout continues as NEPSE sheds 65 points (rep 28/11/2016), NEPSE index plunges by 64.55 points (ht 28/11/2016)

SEBON seeks applications to operate new interface: The platform enables investors to subscribe to IPO without waiting in serpentine queues (kp 27/11/2016)

SEBON calls for capacity enhancement (kp 26/11/2016)

Selling pressures push NEPSE down 66 points (rep 26/11/2016), NEPSE nosedives over 124 pts: The insurance sub-index led the losers’ side with a fall of 1,148.14 points; The sub-index closed at 7,493.05 points (kp 27/11/2016), NEPSE plunges 7.48pc (ht 27/11/2016)

Stock market down 42.46 points as bear run continues (kp 24/11/2016)

SEBON delays trade guarantee fund, auction trading (rep 24/11/2016)

NEPSE ends down 2.3 percent (kp 20/11/2016), NEPSE falls as liquidity tightens (ht 20/11/2016), NEPSE index hits over 5-month low, by Rajesh Khanal kp 21/11/2016), NEPSE tanks 58 points as market sees huge selling pressure (rep 21/11/2016)

NEPSE index dips 65.04 pts (kp 13/11/2016), Benchmark index drops 3.69 per cent (ht 13/11/2016)

SEBON plans to introduce ASBA system from mid-January (ht 10/11/2016)

NEPSE ends week 2.5 points higher (kp 06/11/2016)

NEPSE down 34.8 points; banks, insurers drag (kp 30/10/2016), NEPSE index dips 1.94pc (ht 30/10/2016)

NEPSE ends week 25.41 points lower (kp 23/10/2016)

SEBON mulling allowing NRNs to trade stocks (kp 20/10/2016)

SEBON bars firms from reversing decisions: Move will rein in activities that could influence the capital market and hurt the interest of investors (kp 18/10/2016)

NEPSE sheds 16.14 pts after Dashain holidays (kp 17/10/2016)

NEPSE closes week 66.5 points higher (kp 09/10/2016)

Foreign investment to be allowed in secondary market, by Sujan Dhungana (ht 06/10/2016)

NRB prohibits stock trading of erstwhile Grand Bank: Trading of shares of Prabhu Bank begins, closes at Rs 399 on Monday; NRB bars people who held shares of Grand Bank prior to its merger with Prabhu Bank from stock trading, stating Prabhu still has not been able to recover losses of Grand (kp 04/10/2016), Trading of Prabhu Bank shares put on hold (kp 05/10/2016)

Selling pressure weighs on NEPSE: Benchmark index dips oan pre-festive fever and book closure of listed firms (ht 02/10/2016)

NEPSE dips 13.53 points as book closure nears (kp 01/10/2016)

NEPSE below 1,800 on profit booking (kp 25/09/2016), Pre-festive mood grips local stock investors (ht 25/09/2016)

NEPSE down as festivals grip market: Banking sub-index loses 15.77 points, the most, to close at 1731.42 points (kp 18/09/2016), NEPSE mostly stable in the week (ht 18/09/2016)

NEPSE closes week 3.22 pts higher (kp 11/09/2016), NEPSE index edges up 0.99pc (ht 11/09/2016)

Turnover more than doubles as stock market rebounds (kp 04/09/2016), Benchmark index rebounds by 4.31pc (ht 04/09/2016)

NEPSE ends week 8.19 pts higher (kp 28/08/2016), Wednesday’s rebound limits NEPSE index’s loss to 0.25 per cent (ht 28/08/2016)

Sebon to keep tabs on stock investors (kp 26/08/2016)

NEPSE index slumps 2.28 per cent (ht 23/08/2016)

SEBON: Open beneficiary accounts within 3 days (kp 22/08/2016)

NEPSE index inches up 1.01 points (kp 21/08/2016), Investor pessimism weighs on NEPSE (ht 21/08/2016)

NEPSE ends higher in volatile trade (kp 14/08/2016)

SEBON scraps study committee: ‘Move will encourage inflow of illicit funds’, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 10/08/2016)

Benchmark index rebounds strongly (ht 10/08/016)

NEPSE drops 12.75pts (kp 04/08/2016), Benchmark index sheds 0.7pc (ht 04/08/2016), Stock market ‘enters correction mode’ (kp 05/08/2016), Benchmark index at two-week low, retreats below 1,800 points (ht 05/08/2016), NEPSE snaps winning streak (kp 07/08/2016), NEPSE southbound throughout the week (ht 07/08/2016), NEPSE suffers highest single-day loss: Amid panic selling, investors lose Rs98 billion on the day; NEPSE imposes the circuit breaker two hours into trading, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 09/08/2016), NEPSE index plunges 5.03 per cent (ht 09/8/2016)

NEPSE positive on adding clearing bank (ht 04/08/2016)

NEPSE scales new peak of 1877.93 pts (kp 31/07/2016), Benchmark index closes in on 1,900-point threshold (ht 31/07/2016)

SEBON plans to introduce code of conduct to curb insider trading (kp 28/07/2016)

NEPSE sets new records as bank shares sizzle, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 27/07/2016)

NEPSE records new single-day high of Rs2.24b (kp 26/07/2016)

Share trading on NEPSE halted for entire day: Lack of coordination among stakeholders over lowered broker commission blamed, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 25/07/2016)

Stock market jumps 53.09 points (kp 24/07/2016), Buying pressure pushes NEPSE index up 4.69pc: Analysts say odds in favour of local bourse breaching 2,000-point threshold in the not too distant future (ht 24/07/2016)

SEBON slashes brokerage fee by up to 60pc (ht 21/07/2016)

NEPSE past 1,800-point mark (ht 20/07/2016)

NEPSE records Rs2.14b single-day transaction (kp 20/07/2016)

NEPSE market capitalisation nears Rs 2 trillion (ht 19/07/2016)

MFI shares nosedive, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 18/07/2016)

Domestic share market witnesses volatile week (ht 17/07/2016)

NEPSE down 4 points as investors book profit (rep 16/07/2016), Nepse ends 4.38 points lower (kp 17/07/2016)

NEPSE extends share trading hours to four (kp 16/07/2016)

SEBON forms committee to look into possible illicit flow of capital at NEPSE (kp 15/07/2016)

Stock market sheds 30 pts, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 13/07/2016)

Stock market to extend share trading hours, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 09/07/2016)

NEPSE down 3 points as investors await monetary policy (rep 09/07/2016), NEPSE ends 3.48 points lower (kp 10/07/2016), Share market index snaps four weeks of bull-run (ht 10/07/2016)

Government steps up efforts to curb inflow of illicit money, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 02/07/2016)

NEPSE posts weekly gain of 38 points (rep 02/07/2016), NEPSE bullish run continues (kp 03/07/2016), NEPSE index soars on bullish sentiment (ht 03/07/2016)

Software plan languishes as NEPSE, SEBON argue (kp 01/07/2016)

Bull run: NEPSE gains 200pts over past month (kp 29/06/2016)

SEBON to monitor big investors (ht 29/06/2016)

Stock market creates fresh record at 1,712.84 points (ht 28/06/2016)

NEPSE jumps on BAFIA rollback (kp 26/06/2016)

Ban will be lifted only after NLIC submits papers: Sebon, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 23/06/2016)

Stock market jumps 34.98 points (kp 19/06/2016), Bullish sentiment spurs Nepse index (ht 19/06/2016)

Bull run may mean time to pull in horns: Investors urged to be cautious as NEPSE continues to hit Rs 1b mark, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/06/2016), Transactions on NEPSE hit new high of Rs2.19b (kp 15/06/2016), NEPSE trading volume hits all-time high (ht 15/06/2016)

NEPSE sails past 1,600-point threshold (ht 14/06/2016)

NEPSE scales new high; near 1,600 (kp 13/06/2016)

Insurers lead as NEPSE up 83.56 pts (kp 12/06/2016), Benchmark index surges past 1,560-point mark (ht 12/06/2016)

Sebon halts share trading of Nepal Life, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 11/06/2016)

NEPSE hits fresh all-time high, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 10/06/2016)

NEPSE dips 34.98 points (kp 06/06/2016)

NEPSE down as investors react to budget (rep 04/06/2016), NEPSE closes week 4.13pts down (kp 05/06/2016), NEPSE snaps three weeks of bull run, sheds 0.46pc (ht 05/06/2016)

NEPSE above 1,500-point mark (rep 28/05/2016), NEPSE ends week 15.7 points higher (kp 29/05/2016), Profit-taking caps stock market
weekly gain to 1.71 per cent
(ht 29/05/2016)

Listed companies told to submit info electronically (kp 28/05/2016)

NEPSE snaps six days of bull-run (ht 26/05/2016)

NEPSE creates fresh record (ht 25/05/2016)

NEPSE clocks a fresh high (ht 24/05/2016), NEPSE logs record high intra-day turnover of Rs 1.45 billion (ht 24/05/2016)

NEPSE closes above 1,500-point mark (kp 23/05/2016), NEPSE index crosses 1500 mark; record trading witnessed (ht 23/05/2016)

NEPSE just shy of 1,500 points (kp 20/05/2016), NEPSE closes in on 1,500 points (ht 20/05/2016), NEPSE ends week 21.94 pts higher (kp 22/05/2016)

NEPSE up 9.25 points (rep 14/05/2016), NEPSE gains 9.25pts on 3Q report (kp 15/05/2016), NEPSE returns to bullish territory (ht 15/05/2016)

Rumors of govt change pull NEPSE down (rep 07/05/2016), NEPSE dips on political uncertainty (kp 08/05/2016), NEPSE in correction mode (ht 08/05/2016)

NEPSE continues record-breaking run (kp 01/05/2016), Benchmark index soars to new height on bullish investor sentiment (ht 01/05/2016)

Sebon blasts Nepal Stock Exchange: NEPSE has decided to install software bought from a domestic company against Sebon’s instructions to use a ‘tested system’, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 26/04/2016)

NEPSE at new high of 1,442 points (rep 23/04/2016), NEPSE ends week 32.24 pts higher (kp 24/04/2016), NEPSE surges by 2.55pc (ht 24/04/2016)

NEPSE closes year 444.5 points higher (kp 14/04/2016), NEPSE welcomes Nepali New Year by surging past 1,400-point threshold (ht 15/04/2016), For first time, NEPSE above 1,400 (kp 17/04/2016), Secondary market ushers in Nepali New Year on a buoyant note (ht 17/04/2016)

NEPSE up 26 points as investors ignore Sebon's caution (rep 09/04/2016), NEPSE ends week 25.88 pts higher (kp 10/04/2016), Investor confidence still bullish (ht 10/04/2016)

NEPSE tanks 22 points at Sebon cautions investors (rep 02/04/2016), NEPSE down after Sebon warning (kp 03/04/2016), Benchmark index snaps 14 weeks of bull run (ht 03/04/2016)

Stakeholders warn against speculative share buying, by Prahlad Rijal (kp 31/03/2016)

NEPSE closes at new high of 1,357 points (ht 25/03/2016), Banking stocks propel NEPSE to record high of 1,357 (rep 26/03/2016), NEPSE closes week 13.21 pts higher (kp 27/03/2016), NEPSE index sails past 1,350 points (ht 27/03/2016)

NEPSE at new peak of 1,326 points (ht 18/03/2016), NEPSE ends week at record high of 1,327 points (rep 19/03/2016), NEPSE ends week 7.65 points higher (kp 20/03/2016), NEPSE advances 0.64pc over the week (ht 20/03/2016)

NEPSE records Rs1b turnover (kp 14/03/2016)

Insurance, micro-finance companies propel NEPSE to new high (rep 12/03/2016), NEPSE continues record-breaking run (kp 13/03/2016), Benchmark index posts 12th weekly gain (ht 13/03/2016)

NEPSE up 0.88pc to reach new high (ht 11/03/2016)

NEPSE closes atall-time high of 1,300 points (kp 04/03/2016), NEPSE Index crosses 1,300 points (rep 05/03/2016), NEPSE closes above 1,300 for 1st time (kp 06/03/2016), NEPSE at yet another record peak (ht 06/03/2016)

Impressive performance of BFIs in Q2 lifts NEPSE (rep 27/02/2016), Stock market inches up 4.6 points (kp 28/02/2016), NEPSE index closes in on 1,300-mark (ht 28/02/2016)

Stocks continue hitting records (rep 20/02/2016), Stock market scales fresh peak (kp 21/02/2016), Benchmark index at an all-time high (ht 21/02/2016)

NEPSE records fresh high (ht 19/02/2016)

NEPSE breaks previous records, hits another all-time high (ht 18/02/2016)

Number of ‘Class A’ firms in NEPSE rises to 131 (ht 13/02/2016)

NEPSE inches up 0.9 point (rep 13/02/2016), Stock market inches up 0.9 points (kp 14/02/2016), Positive political cues push NEPSE up 0.98pc (ht 14/02/2016)

NEPSE index hits fresh all-time high (ht 08/02/2016)

NEPSE hits new high of 1,251 points (rep 05/02/2016), NEPSE hits yet another record (kp 05/02/2016), NEPSE index breaches 1,250-point threshold to set a new record (ht 05/02/2016), NEPSE logs 31 points weekly gain (rep 06/02/2016), NEPSE continues bull run; above 1,250 (kp 07/02/2015), NEPSE index soars to new height (ht 07/02/2016)

NEPSE hits fresh all-time high of 1,238.02 pts (ht 02/02/2016), Stock market hits new high despite economic gloom (rep 02/02/2016)

NEPSE sheds 4 points as market enters correction mode (rep 30/01/2016), NEPSE ends week 3.51 points lower (kp 31/01/2016), NEPSE gains 0.31 per cent (ht 31/01/2016)

NEPSE told to name 2 more clearing banks (kp 29/01/2016)

Stocks scale new record high of 1,222.43 points (kp 26/01/2016), NEPSE index records fresh high (ht 26/01/2016)

NEPSE hits fresh all-time high of 1,219.62 points (kp 25/01/2016), NEPSE closes at new high of 1,220 points (rep 25/01/2016)

NEPSE climbs to record high (ht 23/01/2016), NEPSE up on demat, consensus hopes (kp 24/01/2016), Mostly a remarkable week for NEPSE (ht 24/01/2016)

Only a third of public shares are actively traded, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 22/01/2016)

NEPSE records fresh high (ht 19/01/2016)

NEPSE hits 1,212 points on demat, Madhes thaw (kp 18/01/2016), NEPSE hits all-time high of 1,212 points as weeks-long bull-run continues, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 18/01/2016), NEPSE soars to record high of 1,212 points (rep 18/01/2016)

Sebon: No more trading paper share certificates (kp 16/01/2016), NEPSE to stop accepting paper-based trades from Sunday, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 16/01/2016)

Nepse climbs 23 points, knocks on doors of record-high levels (rep 16/01/2016), NEPSE jumps more than 22 points (kp 17/01/2016), Nepse at over four-month high (ht 17/01/2016)

Nepal Stock Exchange to extend trading outside Valley: NEPSE will make available remote work stations to stockbrokers enabling them to trade stocks electronically (kp 14/01/2016)

Stock market inches up 3.3 points (kp 10/01/2016), Benchmark index gains 1.11pc in first trading week of 2016 (ht 10/01/2016)

Nepse gains 16 points (rep 02/01/2016), Microfin, insurance cos fuel Nepse (kp 03/01/2016), Nepse ends 2015 in upbeat mood (ht 03/01/2016)

Nepse offers investors option on buy, sell orders (kp 28/12/2015)

Nepse gains 18pts on blockade ease (kp 27/12/2015)

Nepse down on selling pressure (kp 20/12/2015)

Nepse ends week 16.51 points up (kp 13/12/2015)

Demat mandatory for all listed firms from January 15 (kp 07/12/2015)

Nepse ends week 27.37 pts down (kp 29/11/2015)

Nepse sheds over 5 points on poor growth projection (kp 22/11/2015), Benchmark index moves in conjunction with political development (ht 22/11/2015)

Nepse gains over 22pts to 1,109 (kp 15/11/2015), Nepse above 1,100 pts again (ht 15/11/2015)

Nepse index at two-week high (ht 10/11/2015)

Nepse records marginal gain to close at 1,090pts (kp 08/11/2015), Nepse bobs to close down 0.12pc (ht 08/11/2015)

Nepse index up 0.71 per cent (ht 31/10/2015), Nepse sheds 29 pts on embargo (kp 01/11/2015), Political uncertainty spooks stock investors (ht 01/11/2015)

Country’s stock market reels under deteriorating political situation (ht 28/10/2015)

Nepse ends week 9.41 points lower (kp 18/10/2015), Nepse’s downward trajectory continues (ht 18/10/2015)

Nepse dips on political crisis, blockade (kp 11/10/2015), Political uncertainty rattles stock investors’ nerves (ht 11/10/2015)

Nepse up on bonus shares issuance (kp 10/10/2015), Nepse index records marginal gain (ht 04/10/2015)

Nepse ends week 20.78 points up (kp 27/09/2015), Panic selling weighs on stock index (ht 27/09/2015)

Nepse surges 27.28 points (kp 24/09/2015)

Nepse loses nearly 40pts on closure rumour: According to investors, they fear the worst after Indian customs halted movement of Nepal-bound tankers carrying petroleum products (kp 23/09/2015), Benchmark index slides 3.34pc (ht 23/09/2015)

Nepse urges OTC trade of shares (kp 23/09/2015)

Stock market up 12.09 points on constitution endorsement (kp 20/09/2015)

NEPSE breaches previous record (ht 16/09/2015)

Stock market inches 2.02 points up (kp 13/09/2015), Stock investors continue to take cautious stance: Diverse views on monetary policy act as dampeners (ht 13/09/2015)

NEPSE ends week 30.75 points down (kp 06/09/2015), Confusion related to monetary policy weighs on NEPSE (ht 06/09/2015)

Insurance companies lead as stocks rally (kp 01/09/2015)

NEPSE settles at 1,184pts after 4-day slide (kp 30/08/2015), Profit booking, political uncertainty dampen stock investors’ spirit (ht 30/08/2015)

The NEPSE soars: The newly issued monetary policy partly explains the bullish trend of the stock market, by Bishnu Prasad Bhandari (kp 27/08/2015)

A goring concern: Asymmetric information may be one of the reasons behind the fast rise in the NEPSE, by Jagadish Prasad Bist, Anup Paudel and Balkumar Dhimal (kp 25/08/2015)

Nepse gains a whopping 88.87 points (kp 23/08/2015)

Stocks climb as NEPSE posts new record high, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 20/08/2015), NEPSE at all-time high, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 20/08/2015)

Demat transactions made mandatory (kp 18/08/2015)

Nepse index closes in on all-time high (ht 18/08/2015)

Nepse up 25 pts on statute progress (kp 16/08/2015), Nepse index surges past previous high (ht 16/08/2015), Nepse hits 7-yr high of 1,102.39 pts, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 17/08/2015), Benchmark index surges by 2.17pc (ht 17/08/2015)

Nepse index hits one-year high (ht 11/08/2015)

Nepse jumps 23 points on constitution progress (kp 10/08/2015), Benchmark index rises by 2.22 per cent (ht 10/08/2015)

Nepse ends week 6.22 pts higher (kp 09/08/2015), Nepse edges up 1.2 per cent (ht 09/08/2015)

Nepse transactions jump 225pc (kp 02/08/2015), Nepse index northbound (ht 02/08/2015)

Nepse drops 18pts as euphoria over new policy dissipated (kp 29/07/2015)

Nepse leaps 50 pts on Monetary Policy, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 27/07/2015)

Nepse jumps on monetary policy (kp 26/07/2015), Stock market bull run unlikely to persist for long (ht 26/07/2015)

Nepse closes year 74.88 points down, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 19/07/2015), Pro-investment budget fuels market rally (ht 19/07/2015)

Nepse jumps 4.26pt on budget announcement (kp 16/07/2015)

Stock market ends week 5.41 pts up (kp 12/07/2015), Pre-budget jitters grip stock investors (ht 12/07/2015)

Nepse launches mobile app (kp 06/07/2015)

Nepse turnover jumps over 50pc (kp 05/07/2015), Nepse index edges up (ht 05/07/2015)

Nepse edging close to pre-quake level (rep 27/06/2015), Nepse ends week 12.41 points up (kp 28/06/2015), Nepse index up marginally (ht 28/06/2015)

Nepse sheds 4 points (rep 20/06/2015), Nepse turnover plunges 39.16pc (kp 21/06/2014), Nepse snaps two weeks of bull run (ht 21/06/2015)

Nepse sees fluctuating week (rep 13/06/2015), Stock market turnover jumps 25.4pc (kp 14/06/2015), Nepse index adds another 11.12 points (ht 14/06/2015)

Stock market up 21.1 points (kp 10/06/2015)

Stock market jumps 54.9 points (kp 07/06/2015), Post-earthquake losses nearly fully recovered at secondary market: Positive political cues and reduced share offerings fuel bull run at Nepse (ht 07/06/2015)

Stock investors gain Rs127b this week, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 04/06/2015)

Nepse surges 18.49 points (ht 02/06/2015)

Nepse to introduce stock market app (kp 01/06/2015)

Nepse dips in 1st week after quake (kp 31/05/2015), Volatile week at the secondary market (ht 31/05/2015)

Nepse tanks 68 points (rep 30/05/2015)

Nepse pulls out of dive; up 4.13pts (kp 29/05/2015)

Nepse down on low demand (kp 26/05/2015), Nepse down over 100 pts in 4 days (ht 28/05/2015)

Nepse resumes operations today (kp 24/05/2015), Nepse plunges on opening day (kp 25/05/2015), Nepse reopens after a month: Index nosedives; Hydropower subgroup biggest loser (ht 25/05/2015)

Nepse may not open for another trading week: The country’s only bourse has no disaster recovery plan in place, by Pushpa Raj Acharya (ht 08/05/2015), Stock market to resume trading by May 17 (ht 09/05/2015)

Nepse undecided about resuming trading (rep 05/05/2015)

Nepse loses over 2 points (kp 19/04/2015), Nepse closes in on 950-point mark (ht 19/04/2015)

Nepse up 12.64 points (rep 11/04/2015), Nepse rise close to 950 points (kp 12/04/2015), Nepse breaks slide after five weeks (ht 12/04/2015)

Nepse down 2 points (rep 04/04/2015), Turnover down 36pc (kp 05/04/2015), Nepse index dips marginally (ht 05/04/2015)

Nepse plunges by 22 points (rep 28/03/2015), Nepse plunges on NRB directive (kp 29/03/2015), Nepse index continues to slide (ht 29/03/2015)

Nepse falls 2 days in a row (kp 24/03/2015)

Nepse ends week 3.06 pts down (kp 22/03/2015), Benchmark index at three-month low: Market experts are optimistic about Nepse rising steadily in the coming days (ht 22/03/2015)

Nepse ends week 10.33 pts lower (kp 15/03/2015), Benchmark index on the decline again (ht 15/03/2015)

CIT barred from share transactions in Nepse (kp 14/03/2015)

Nepse up 8 points (rep 07/03/2015), Stock market inches 7.82 pts up (kp 08/03/2015), Nepse index breaks slide after two weeks (ht 08/03/2015)

Nepse snaps losing streak (rep 28/02/2015), Nepse ends week 7.8 points higher (kp 01/03/2015)

Nepse loses more than 7 points (kp 22/02/2015)

114 companies make it to Nepse A list (kp 19/02/2015)

Nepse index down on profit-booking (rep 14/02/2015), Nepse ends week 1.5 percent lower (kp 15/02/2015), Nepse index dips after four weeks of gains (ht 15/02/2015)

NEPSE benchmark down 7 points (rep 07/02/2015), Nepse ends in red; turnover halves (kp 08/02/2015), ‘Stock market fundamentals strong’ (ht 08/02/2015)

SEBON to allow launch of pre-IPO (ht 02/02/2015)

Nepse's daily turnover down in H2, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 02/02/2015)

Nepse up by 17.61 points (rep 31/01/2015), Nepse turnover up on CA progress (kp 01/02/2015), Bull run at Nepal Stock Exchange continues, benchmark index at 986.66 points (ht 01/02/2015)

Nepse up 14 points despite tumultuous political situation (rep 24/01/2015), Turnover jumps amid political chaos (kp 25/01/2015), Stock market upbeat despite discouraging political scenario (ht 25/01/2015)

IB adopts strict measures for share transaction (kp 21/01/2015)

NEPSE sheds 13 points as political situation worsens (rep 21/01/2015), NEPSE falls on political chaos (kp 23/01/2015)

NEPSE index at near five-month high: Market capitalisation crosses one trillion rupees once again (ht 20/01/2015)

Nepse continues gaining streak; index up 11.2 points (rep 17/01/2015), Nepse up on institutional buying (kp 18/01/2015), Stock market may be stabilising (ht 18/01/2015)

Nepse dips 106.36 pts in first half this fiscal (kp 17/01/2015)

Nepse jumps on consensus hopes (kp 11/01/2015), Political development fuels stock market rally (ht 11/01/2015)

Nepse stable; Insurance top gainer (rep 03/01/2015), Turnover jumps on NBL transaction (kp 04/01/2015), Stock market welcomes 2015 on positive note (ht 04/01/2015)

NEPSE 2014: A mixed bag year for stock market, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 01/01/2015)
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