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Law (general)

Activists pin high hopes as Nepal plans to set up consumer court this year : Observers call for simplifying the case filing process, pointing out that consumers avoid complex legal procedures, by Krishana Prasain (kp 11/06/2024), An analysis of consumer rights law and reality in Nepal, by Swekshya Karki (rep 11/06/2024)

Experts call for revising law curriculum (kh 09/06/2024)

Bench, bar and barkeepers : The question confronting the Nepal Bar Association today is whether its members should practise law or politics, by Semanta Dahal (kp 19/05/2024)

Equality under the Law: Examining Legal Principles across Different Scales, by Saroj Bhattarai (rep 22/04/2024)

Presumption of innocence and Nepali attitude, by Aawesh Bhadra Karn (ae 16/04/2024)

Reforming Nepal's Legal Education System, by Ritesh Panthee (rep 28/03/2024)

Nepal's Quest for Comprehensive Copyright Reform in the Digital Era : The state of copyright protection in Nepal is a cause for concern, by Udayan Regmi (rep 13/01/2024)

For a victim-centric justice system : The criminal justice system exists not only to serve state interests but also to help the victims, by Nishant Pokharel (kp 28/12/2023)

The origins of law in Nepal : A run through the law-making process from conceptualisation to implementation, by Khim Lal Devkota (kp 27/12/2023)

Judicial System Awaits Reforms, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 31/10/2023)

Usufruct for social solidarity, by Jivesh Jha (ae 07/09/2023)

‘Shattered Silence’ : Analysing Nepal’s Legal Landscape in light of recent court ruling, by Aditya Raut (rep 02/09/2023)

Free legal aid provision needs to be revisited, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 28/06/2023)

Cultural Issues And Mediation, by Mukti Rijal (rn 01/06/2023)

Why has Nepal failed to establish consumer courts as mandated by law? As buyers don’t want to get into complex court cases, unscrupulous traders are emboldened, observers say, by Krishana Prasain (kp 23/04/2023)

Examining Nepal's Male-Dominated Legal System, by Bhawana Ghimire (rep 04/04/2023)

KMC deploys law students for free services at wards : Officials say the project will help ensure justice doesn’t elude anyone in the society (kp 17/03/2023)

Nepal waits for consumer courts while business malpractices soar : Consumer rights activists accuse the government of holding back on setting up consumer courts due to lobbying by manufacturers and traders, by Krishana Prasain (kp 15/08/2022)

Juvenile justice in shoddy state (ht 26/12/2021)

Nepal drops two notches in rule of law : Ranks 70th among 139 countries and jurisdictions. Nepal’s overall rule of law score decreased 1.1 per cent in the World Justice Project Index-2021, which evaluates rule of law in 139 countries and jurisdictions (ht 18/10/2021) [see WJP Rule of Law Indey Nepal]

Nepal’s archaic land acquisition laws : Projects have failed to acquire land because of compensation disputes with locals, by Prem Khanal (kp 26/08/2021)

Ideals of the rule of law : The laws of the nation must bear the fundamental ideals of justice, by Sambridh Ghimire (kp 02/08/2021)

Local and provincial governments have been allowed to draft laws fixing jail terms and fine in civil offences: Authorities must ensure that such laws do not contradict federal laws and they should not be misused, experts say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 16/01/2020)

Legal side of infrastructure: Is Nepal ready to tackle the legal issues related to tunnels and underground infrastructures?, by Bipin Adhikari and Bidushi Adhikari (rep 26/11/2019)

Province 3 government mobilises legal facilitators in 116 local units: The deployed legal facilitators will receive perks and salaries on par with Nayab Subba (non-gazetted first-class officer), according to the ministry, by Subash Bidari (kp 12/09/2019)

Claim your products: In lack of specific Geographical Indication law, Nepal could even lose its sovereign rights over the products which have their origin in Nepal, by Jivesh Jha (rep

Yes we Cannabis: Despite a long and storied history of cannabis in Nepali culture, the cultivation and consumption  of marijuana remains illegal, punishable by harsh jail terms and steep fines. Some people say it’s high time that changed, by Leena Dahal (kp 08/06/2019)

Conflict victims mount pressure on leaders to amend transitional justice Act: Law minister tells victims the process will start when top leaders reach an agreement, by Binod Ghimire (kp 06/06/2019) [This is a question of justice and the rule of law! Many of the so-called leaders have been responsible for the crimes of the past! They have no right to have any say at all!], Thirteen years on, victims of the Badarmude incident await compensationDespite a pledge from Pushpa Kamal Dahal during the 2017 election season,  victims of the 2006 civilian bus bombing have received nothing, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 06/06/2019)

Legal eagles form parallel NBA body (ht 01/06/2019)

Rise in divorce cases attributed to new civil and criminal codes, by Nirmala Khadayat (kp 22/04/2019)

Shrestha elected new NBA presidentTwenty-three of 25 bar association posts go to NLA candidates (ht 05/04/2019) [Utmost politicisation!]

Making the most of Marsi: The rice qualifies to receive the benefits of Geographical Indications protection, by Sudeshna Thapa (kp 02/09/2018)

TRC rues lack of funds for investigating cases: Officials say they can’t pay even for internet services, by Binod Ghimire (kp 29/08/2018)

SC turns down Rs460 million UNDP support, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 26/06/2018) [Improvement of human rights and rule of law not wanted? The suggestion to get more money through the budget instead sounds ridiculous againsts the background that this is not poassible and the budget, to a greater part, is financed by foreign money as well!], Acting CJ complains of insufficient budget, staffers (rep 27/06/2018)

Bring back for better: Sentence transfer is a reformative justice tool that protects the rights of migrants, by Anurag Devkota (kp 18/06/2018)

Registration of IP to go digital: Govt; Weak IP laws have led to  a large number of  counterfeit products being sold on the market  without legal hurdles (kp 05/05/2018)

Hey, I made that: Rights to the creator and access to the public will promote innovation and investment, by Pratyush Nath Upreti (kp 29/04/2018)

Protection from theft: Contextual intellectual property protection is needed to accelerate innovation and economic growth in Nepal, by Prativa Pandey (kp 26/04/2018)

Unsung creators: Intellectual property has been given little attention as it is seen as a Western concept, by Nischal Dhungel (kp 29/03/2018)

Experts point at the need for a separate institution to deal with IP-related issues (ht 14/03/2018)

Code prepared for collection of DNA evidence (ht 21/06/2017)

Customary Institutions: Challenge To Legal Centralism, by Mukti Rijal (rn 06/04/2017)

Former CJ Shrestha elected ICJ commissioner (kp 10/01/2017)

Writ petition demands amendment in pardoning inmates (rep 06/12/2016)

Nepal ranks 97th in property rights index (ht 15/08/2016)

Outgoing AG hopes his ‘good initiative’ will get continuity, by Dewan Rai (kp 04/08/2016), Raman Shrestha recommended as AG (kp 06/08/2016)

Legal Pluralism Key To Justice And Harmony, by Mukti Rijal (rn 21/07/2016)

Right to a fair trial: No compromise, by Roshan Kumar Jha (ht 25/05/2016)

Rethinking law: The bureaucratic process of justice delivery is rather cumbersome as one is made to run from pillar to post, by Pranab Kharel and Gaurab KC (rep 17/05/2016)

KSL to represent Nepal in int’l moot court competition (ht 19/02/2016)

Do more homework: The proposed increases in jail term and other provisions have been made to make the criminal justice system in the country more effective (ht 02/02/2016)

No drastic 'reform' in judiciary in new constitution, by Nabin Khatiwada (rep 17/09/2015)

Nepal slips in rule of law rankings (ht 05/06/2015)

A legislative emergency: Following the recent acid attack in Basantapur, stronger and more specific legislation is needed, by Binayak Basnyat and Bikalpa Raj Bhandari (kp 20/03/2015)

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